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The Brokeboi Mentality: How to embrace under spending to get ahead

Ever have that one friend who always says they’re broke but somehow have money for big moves like a car or an extended vacation? They’re tapping into and holding on to that broke mentality.

The broke mentality is acting like you’re at a lower income level than you are. In other words, as your finances grow you spend the same and save the rest. The best way to make this work is to not view those extra zeros as spendable at all, think of them as untouchable.

Accepting the broke mentality can also mean realizing that money won’t always get you where you want to be in the long run. So while it’s true having a consistent paycheck is great, it’s also true that if you have no plan in place to make sure that pay grows over time you’re pretty much fucked.

That’s where accepting the broke mentality comes in. You get accustomed to spending less, and then you’re free to quit your dead-end job and pursue your passions full time for a few months to a year.

But in order to effectively use the broke mentality, you need to do it right.

Set Up a Time Frame

If you plan on quitting your job, shifting careers, or pursuing your passion full time put a deadline on that shit.

Make sure you know you have at least 6 months to make as much money as possible in your current position. Then give yourself a deadline to quit or reduce your hours if part-time is an option.

And actually sit down and write out what you want to accomplish after you’re free from your current restraints. Do you want more time for your craft? Are you planning to collab with others? Are you aiming to network more?

Stop Spending

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Cut out any spending you don’t need. If you want a frame of reference, think back to a time where you didn’t have a steady income. You survived then and you can survive on the minimum now.

We spend so much time wanting that bag and every time we get some funds, we spend it on status symbols. That needs to stop. Sure, you can gift yourself something every once in a while, but if you’re trying to reach that goal of investing in your craft or overall future, that spending is going to just prolong the process.


If you do decide to spend that money should be an investment. Whether it’s for new equipment for your craft or tickets to a networking event in your desired field, make your money an agent for your success.

You can even go old school and invest in stocks, but if you’re going to do that (and you should) do your research.

Stick to the Broke Mentality

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When you end up having more time and some savings that’s when things need to go into overdrive. You need to stick to your plans. Respect your time, this is for you and your future. Make short term and long term goals.

Ask yourself what you’re doing each day to get closer to your goal. What are you doing each week? Each month? What milestones are you hitting?

Remember. There are 1,080 minutes in a week. How will you use yours?