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The best part about Madden 18 might deadass be the glitches

Y’all know what time it is, summer almost over so that means Madden season is upon us and it wouldn’t be a new Madden release if we didn’t have a whole bunch of new glitches to go along with the updated roster.

Sports games are usually cursed with a bunch of dumb ass glitches when they come out, probably due to the rush to put out a new iteration of the game every 365 days.

This year, Madden is offering some good reasons for the upgrade coming with a brand new story mode letting you take control of a washed up high school football star in his road to redemption showcased on the Frostbite engine, which is used for games like Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront.

Basically the game looks sexy as hell but with these revamps come a whole new group of glitches to make you want to throw you’re controller at the TV.

There’s an array of glitches like these goofy instances of players getting spun on their headtop and defying gravity:

Those glitches aren’t that bad, but then you have game changing glitches that will fuck up your whole game leaving no one but yourself to blame for losing a $25 bet that you made knowing you ain’t have no money on you.

I can feel the frustration from the last one…

As these glitches keep getting dumber and dumber, the videos keep getting funnier. YouTuber Chiseled Adonis put up commentary over a compilation of the worst (best?) glitches and it is drop dead funny.

Even sitting here writing this I’m laughing at his accurate exaggerations of how we ALL react to when Madden hits us with some bullshit, “Yo I hate this game I can’t play this game, aight I just caught a touchdown with the Rams” gold.

Watch his video by our homie Chiseled Adonis and cop Madden 18 now for PS4 and Xbox One.