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The best new online slots are coming: Where to look

Want the best online slots games?

When you’re feeling restless, sat around bored and waiting, or wanting to while away some much-needed downtime, most of us choose to find some mindless entertainment that can be easily dipped in and out of to stay occupied.

Those with a bit of a gambling mindset might find that, during these moments, their fingers itch to play some fun slot games for an adrenaline-pumping activity that doesn’t take up too much brain space.

Old slot games have outlived their welcome

Rather than returning again and again to the same old boring slot games that have outlived their welcome, now is the time for all those part-time gambling bods to check out the new online slots available for their perusal in May 2021.

This month will see the release of several themed slots that suit all budgets and offer excellent jackpots and payouts. Each game plays with the slot layout and formula somewhat, but they are nevertheless a fun alternative to stalwarts of the genre.  

Read on to see our round-up of the best releases coming this month!

Sahara Riches Cash Collect

If you take a look at the new online slots that have been reviewed at, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes and wager level.

Tested by fellow casino lovers and slot gamers alike on the UK’s most respected casino review site, you’ll find comprehensive reviews for new online slots, taking into account the games available, the game types, and whether they can be played across multiple devices. 

Containing immersive features that lead to uncovering hidden treasures throughout the game, Sahara Riches Cash Collect is an Ancient Egyptian-themed slot – as is suggested by the name.

The game is accessible to all players, regardless of bet allowance, due to the vast range between the minimum and maximum bets allowed, meaning that, for those high rollers, there’s the potential to accumulate a rather substantial jackpot!

With a traditional 5×3 slot layout, the game contains 30 paylines, 5 rows, and is a 5-reel slot. While the graphics and gameplay are slightly sub-par compared to other new online slots being introduced this month, it is nevertheless a fun game to play that occupies your time well and has the potential to earn you a hefty jackpot! 

Blue Fortune

A pirate-themed game, this new online slots game is based on exploring the deep blue sea to find your fortune. Overall, Blue Fortune is a high-quality game for players, offering solid graphics and gameplay features that all players will enjoy.

The high-volatility nature of this game means that it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and build up your big win ratios over time! So, while you aren’t guaranteed to win frequently, the times you do win are likely to earn you a worthwhile payout.

This slot game also utilises the traditional 5×3 layout to great effect, although there are just 9 paylines for players to look out for. There is no jackpot for players to win, but multiple in-game elements make it a worthwhile play, allowing you to use different features to win different bonuses.     

Gator Gold Gigablox

Set in the African wilderness, Gator Gold Gigablox is a wild and colourful slot game that is a joy to play.

While the graphics and gameplay are not quite as high-quality as those seen in Blue Fortune, it has an unusual slot layout of 4×6 and a whopping 4,096 paylines for players to look out for! The game is high volatility so, although you are less likely to win, when you do, you’ll earn bigger and better.

The margin between the minimum and maximum isn’t quite as favourable as other slot games, but maximum win vastly outweighs those of other, more well-known slots – and certainly more than its other contemporaries. The game contains tons of features that allow you extra in-game opportunities to win bonuses or spins, which makes up for the lack of jackpot.

This game is due to arrive across all devices on May 27, so keep your eyes peeled!

King of Cats

Another new online slots game set in Africa, this game relies on wild animals and a safari-based adventure rather than the Ancient Egyptians, and so it is worth a look from animal lovers and explorers alike! Its graphics and gameplay are below the standard of this month’s other releases, but it has a number of additional features to make up for that. 

It boasts a medium-to-high volatility, so for those players who require more frequent wins to maintain interest, this game might just be better suited to you. However, with a progressive slot jackpot aided by numerous in-game features to help you accrue more points and bonuses, it might just be worth your while to win less frequently, if you want to win the bigger bucks!

Again, this slot utilises a more unconventional slot layout, with a 6×3 layout. The minimum and maximum bets sit at the lower end of the scale – making this game much more accessible for casual slot gamers or those without masses of money to spend – yet this slot still offers a decent maximum win, considering the low-level bets.

Lava Gold

Travel back in time to the Jurassic-era and roam with the dinosaurs in this jungle-themed slot game. With decent graphics and gameplay included, the visual aspects on their own make this game a worthwhile endeavour for more casual slot gamers. 

A low-volatility game – meaning more frequent wins but at a lower value – this slot game relies on a 5×5 layout, incorporating the often-used average of 30 paylines for gamers to spot. It also contains a free spins feature, an autoplay feature, and a multiplier feature, making it fun to play with lots of exciting elements to maintain your interest.

Despite this, the maximum win is (as suggested by the low volatility) fairly low compared to other games, but actually much easier to obtain – which might just make this game more worth your time! 

If not, the Cluster Pay mechanic offered by the game is sure to pique your interest.