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The art to a sustainable wardrobe: Budget your style out

As we work towards our entrepreneurial goals, we must maintain our sartorial presentation keeping the regards high on our brands. It is worth our savings to have a sustainable wardrobe, focusing on the art of our style budget, rather than just copping the most expensive drip.

Getting on a budget comes with discipline and a keen eye for savings. Regardless of your style, budgeting a frugal fit will fare no fluster.

There are many influencers who you can follow to get in touch with your stylish side. Whether if you have expensive taste or short on funds currently, you can create and curate your sustainable wardrobe, focused on the art of your style budget.

A healthy budget promotes sustainability

Maintaining a healthy fashion budget is simply sustainable and will become easier to maintain wardrobe waste in the future.

You’ll always find yourself purchasing items you only love and keep in great condition for years to come. Your sustainable wardrobe ultimately becomes a closet on Grailed, where you can make some money for your taste.

This is not the time to open a credit card, order sign up for a monthly subscription on an e-commerce fashion platform. Style is about dressing precisely how you like – only what you love, and impressing even yourself.

Fashion statements are made through the art of budget and style, and that should be the focus.

Some of these stylists and style influencers have detailed and chronicled their fashion journeys enough that we can pull the thread on their quilt and reveal their secrets.

Fashion influencers set the tone for the art of properly maintaining a style budget

Goodfair is a new online platform that offers second-hand clothing in bundles which is a fun and great way to get a variety of styles at a flat rate.

They offer bundles from back-to-school packages to a denim-themed box set. The fun part is no item is the same from customer to customer.

Starting at fast-fashion shops seems like the obvious choice. Their omnipresence and accessibility make them no-brainers for basics and filler pieces.

It is best not to spend too much time here as you fall victim to the weekly style turnovers they enforce. You should be wise to buy quality garments, perhaps working your way up to name brands you couldn’t normally afford. 

Sustainable wardrobes demand quality garments

A sustainable wardrobe means balancing smart style with garments that will last a long time.

There are in-demand retail department stores like H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo who have all made efforts to produce on a circular scale in the coming years.

Other retailers offer a variety of basics to fill in any statement fashion piece in your closet. Richer Poorer, Express, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun are some of the styles havens that you can be creative at and not spend more than $100.

Online sellers like Asos, ThredUp, Depop, and Poshmark have items you can choose from new and used pieces on some of these platforms. There will be items that you will gravitate toward.

The idea is to find the garments that speak to you. Besides Asos, the other online retailers are acting as second-hand markets. Asos will be great to find something to highlight your thrift-aesthetic.

Consider buying unique styles from unique sellers. Dig into apparel from your favorite museums like The Guggenheim or MoMA.

Or perhaps your favorite artists, like Quiana Parks, or Preston Thompson, or local meatball shop for cool and uncommon tees, and sweaters, and hats, that give you street flair and savvy. 

Thrift stores and vintage shops like Buffalo Exchange, L Train Vintage, INA, and Crossroads Trading are places to purchase stand-out, full of showstopper fashion pieces.

Here is where you can up your per-item price, giving yourself room to buy – exactly – what you love. It will be worth it because it will dictate your style moving forward. 

A smart style budget is an art

Getting dressed up is something far from our usual way of living today. Most of us aren’t going to any parties – unless you live in Florida – and we have fewer daily commutes to work.

As we move toward spring, it’s only natural that we want to get out and show off. We all love to get dressed for any occasion, and we find joy in shopping and getting dressed in new clothes.

Most importantly, when you style yourself on a budget well, the experience of wearing clothing is a confidence booster, and that art is the main component of any look.

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