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The Advocate Daily Podcast interviews Organizer Keris Love

Advocate Daily is a podcast and editorial series focused on highlighting young community organizers and social justice advocates of color. In collaboration with The Gathering for Justice, we have recorded 10 episodes of audio content focused on different topics in the social justice sphere. Advocate Daily is a reminder:

Educate. Empower. Elevate.

Keris Love is a community organizer partnered with The Gathering for Justice. With the recent march on Washington, marches in upstate NY cities like Rochester and Albany, Love’s organizing and rallying efforts are extremely influential.


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IDK what we was discussing, probably that we all make it home safely no matter what! What I do know is that there are still demands on the table and Daniel’s Law needs to be supported by the entire legislature! Deborah Danner was a mentally ill woman murdered in The Bronx by NYPD responding to a wellness check. Police are not equipped! I will be watching closely to see which state officials support Daniel’s Law. We demand to FIRE and PROSECUTE: – Bring criminal charges against the officers: • Mark Vaughn • Troy Taladay • Francisco Santiago • Andrew Specksgoor • Josiah Harris and • Sgt. Michael Magri and • Paul Ricotta. All of whom were responsible for Daniel Prude’s murder. Free. them. ALL: – Drop the criminal charges on all protesters arrested since May 30th 2020. DEFUND & DEMILITARISE RPD: – Immediately prohibit the use of military grade weapons by Rochester Police Department. – Cut RPD’s fund budget and fund community-led alternatives. DANIEL’S LAW: – Pass legislative prohibiting police from responding to Mental Health Calls. The state must ensure that TRAINED mental health providers respond in a Mental Health Crisis. Resign: – Immediate Resignation of Mayor Lovely Warren and Deputy Mayor James Smith for their cover up of Daniel Prude’s murder and failure to lead. @ftp_roc #defundthepolice #blm #reparations #justicefordanielprude #justice #wenotfreeuntilweallfree #nojusticenopeace #prosecutekillercops #nnlb #wtbup

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The continued oppression of Blacks and BIPOC’s in America and across the globe warrant a necessary yet harrowing question: When is enough finally enough?

The movement for racial justice needs strong, courageous voices to call out corruption and ruthlessly demand change. Keris Love is one of these voices and on the Advocate Daily Podcast, she spoke passionately about her organizing efforts, what it means to be Black, and her creative outlets to stay levelheaded even amongst stress stemming from continued persecution.

Specifically focusing on the youth and how they can rise up right now, Love said “The movements were always ran by young people. When you look at the Black Panther party, Fred Hampton was a teenager… Dr. King was young when he first started.

We definitely need you in this movement and this moment. You have to let those with power know, that they’ve got a bigger group of people to worry about.”

Love is outspoken in her beliefs and does not quit when confronted with an obstacle. Additionally, she recognizes that the fight is not won overnight, but rather takes discipline and diligence in a fight of a lifetime, across generations.

Tap in to the Advocate Daily Podcast here, and learn more about how you can help lead and fight for change.