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The A$AP Mob is raising awareness about substance abuse with 2nd annual gala

After the loss of The A$AP Mob’s founder Steven Rodriguez, aka A$AP Yams, the Mob decided to honor their late brother by helping prevent drug abuse and formed The ASAP Foundation.

For those of you who didn’t even know that A$AP had a foundation, their main goal is, “delivering positive messages and proper information to adolescents and young adults about the dangers associated with carelessly mixing opiates and other potentially irresponsible drug use and abuse.”

They are even throwing a second annual gala in honor of Yamborghini to help spread even more awareness on the issue.

With the passing of Yams in 2015, the culture around drug abuse and prescription pill abuse has definitely changed. Over the last three years, hip-hop has lost a few prevalent artists due to drug abuse.

With Lil Peep and Fredo Santana being the most recent to have passed, the hashtag #FuckXanax2018 is becoming the best trend in rap in 2018.

The more people quitting Xanax and realizing the potential harm of these prescription drugs, and especially because most of the pills on the street are fake made by drug dealers looking for the most lucrative way to make drug money.

With the close ties between drugs and rap music, it’s no surprise that the reaction to the devastating effects of these medications is coming from within the community.

The ASAP Foundation is setting out to make sure the youth of America is educated on the danger of poly prescription drug abuse by setting up events, hosting panels, and sponsoring a multitude of arts programs in NYC.

The ASAP Foundation in their own words, “aim to create an honest dialogue about substance use and abuse”. The misuse of drugs is killing our youth and The ASAP Foundation is at the forefront of keeping people educated on the risks of the drugs being abused by the youth.

The second anual “STEVEN ‘A$AP YAMS’ RODRIGUEZ” GALA 2018 July 21 is at Daylight Studios, 450 West 31st Street 10th Flr NYC 10001. tickets are available now for $150 per ticket. If you support the cause, make sure you pull up and spread the word!

According to their site:

“The Foundation will demonstrate its commitment by implementing several initiatives including, but not limited to, sponsoring public school programs, hosting drug education seminars, supporting music and arts programs, and producing concerts and festivals.”