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The 10 most disrespectful moments in NBA Finals history

With the NBA Finals on the horizon, it’s important to look back at the most disrespectful plays in the history of the series.

We combed through the annals of NBA history to find the plays that made you say, in the immortal words of Famous Los, “why he do boy like dat?”

It’s hard to exactly define disrespectful in this context, but it’s one of those thing where you know it when you see it. While things like a good screen and roll, a clever coaching adjustment, or an offensive rebound might win the game, they aren’t the plays we remember when we look back.

Instead it’s the wild crossover that leaves your opponent in a heap on the ground, the rim-shattering dunk, the game-winning shot in dude’s face, these are all things that qualify as disrespectful here.

You probably know a few of these already; LeBron pops up a couple times, Michael Jordan is obviously on there (no NBA Finals list is complete without the GOAT). A certain point guard that played for the 76ers is featured, honestly this dude took disrespect on the basketball court to a new level.

Just to give you a feeling of the lack of respect on this list, the first play, sliding in at number 10, is Jerry West (aka The Logo) hitting a game-tying shot against the Knicks from way past half court to send Game 3 of the 1970 Finals into overtime.

Obviously if that shot happened nowadays it would’ve been a three and ended the game but back in the day it just went right into overtime. West ended up missing all his shots in overtime and the Knicks won the game and would go on to win the 1970 NBA Championship.

Can’t tell what the wildest part of that shot is, the fact that my dude hit a shot from 60 feet or the Knicks were in the Finals.

Check out the rest of the most disrespectful moments in NBA Finals history in the video above.