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#ThankYouBasedGod: Lil B’s most positive messages for the youth dem

What does it mean to be “Based”?  Based means being yourself, staying positive, and making people accept you for who you are.

You don’t have to change for anyone as long as your movement is positive. The “Based Life” is a choice to be optimistic despite the obstacles in your way.

If everyone becomes “Based” we can all evolve together as human beings instead of independently.

This is Lil B’s religion and he is the revolutionary rapper behind being “Based.” He has used his voice to inspire millions around the world.

His thousands of songs are all about positivity and self-love. Not only does he include an upbeat vibe in his massive library of rap songs but he uses his influence on social media to encourage those that might be looking for happiness.

Lil B is a positive prophet. When he was 19, Lil B authored his book Takin Over, which was devoted to spreading an uplifting message to haters everywhere. Truly a based bible.

His message is so positive he gets invited to do lectures at prestigious universities. His movement shouldn’t be taken as a joke. During these seminars, he has touched on a variety of subjects with a socially progressive attitude.

We might as well call him the rainbow of positivity in the rap game. His strange style has influenced a grip of emcees. Lil Yachty and Vince Staples have taken a page from his book and credited Lil B for impacting their style.

Recently, BasedGod was ambushed by A Boogie and PnB Rock’s crews at the Rolling Loud Festival, currently taking place in the Bay Area. The news was very sad to me as I’ve always seen Lil B as a peaceful and loving dude.

So why would anyone do this to him? In the words of Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q, and Kaytranada in response to the attacks, “Protect Lil B at all fucking costs!”

Many would’ve expected Lil B to put positivity to the side after he was jumped. He surprised us all taking the stage for his set with nothing but love. Lil B actually couldn’t even perform because someone stole his equipment.

On stage B, said, “It’s all good I said something about Boogie music and they all got mad and they jumped me about that. So, it’s all good.”

He also caught up with Shaheem Reid in an interview for Revolt and reiterated his message of pacifism,

“How I’m going to use this to show people to make sure you don’t retaliate with violence. I’m not going to retaliate with violence. I love them. I love Boogie and his whole crew. I’ll hang with them, feel me. We’ll shake hands after this…”

His tweet in response to A Boogie’s unawareness to the situation was golden. Lil B calls for unity at all times.

Lil B has so much love in his heart. Hopefully, he will continue to touch hearts and minds throughout the timeline of humanity. Forgive them of their sins BasedGod, for they know not what they do.