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Taunt Battleworld is the world’s first engage-to-earn crypto platform

Taunt Battleword is pioneering what seems to be the beginning of the world’s first engage-to-earn movement where game players get to interact with a simulator created by industry experts for an immersive gameplay experience.

Interactive forms of entertainment have infiltrated nearly every aspect of leisure activity. From gaming to movies and even books, the advent of enhanced computer programing and processing capabilities, not to mention access to high-speed internet, has resulted in more platforms embracing engaging techniques where platform user’s actions directly affect the medium.

In the world of gaming, this approach has become more prominent as gaming developers attempt to create a virtual world that achieves total immersion of the player into the game’s environment.

While there is a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies and NFT-based games, existing platforms in this sector are lagging as they lack audience engagement. At the moment, the only way for people to engage with NFT-based platforms is to play them by making initial purchases of costly NFTs in the game. 

The whole idea behind the Taunt Battleworld platform is to merge the play-to-earn model with a world-class game production and development system, thus resulting in more viewership and player engagement than ever before.

What is Taunt Battleworld?

At its core, Taunt Battleworld is an exciting NFT game where players get to own and manage characters in the game called Acolyte Warriors. The story behind the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the old gods have turned earth into their playground called Battleworld. 

Therefore, 25,000 of the best warriors throughout the universe have been called upon to battle it out in a never-ending war for supremacy. Players can acquire, test, and develop their warriors against others in a battle held at the great arena of the new world. 

The goal is not only to fight and win but also to use killer techniques that will allow the warrior to gain the favor of the old gods. Therefore, the player gets to choose the different strategies that the warrior will use in the brawls and as the warriors fight, win or lose, participating warrior owners, tournament watchers, and gamblers all get to earn from Taunt Battleworld’s ecosystem in multiple different ways. 

There are real prizes to be won therefore, players and participants have to carefully select the matches given to their warriors to enhance their chances of having the best outcome. 

Apart from a play-to-earn aspect with NFTs, Taunt Battleworld also incorporates a Watch-to-earn concept where participants who watch and learn about the battles in the arena get rewarded.

The Taunt platform also features a predict-to-earn aspect where anyone can participate without any prior monetary investment as long as they give predictions on contests.

How Taunt Battleworld World Works

Taunt Battleworld is built to create a new interactive and immersive gaming and entertainment experience. To achieve this, Taunt Battleworld leverages the power of emerging technologies and innovations such as Blockchain and NFTs to create a platform that gives its community of users real ownership and control. 

Taunt Battleworkd will first start with an NFT drop of the Genesis Skull Pass collection which will go live on Ethereum to allow a greater degree of mass adoption early on. To supplement Ethereum’s network, Taunt will also use the Polygon (Matic ) network to facilitate the fast speeds required for interactive gaming. 

Taunt Battleworld aims to be an interoperable cross-chain NFT-based game where players can move from one platform to the other while also being able to transfer the value of their tokens from one chain to the other. 

To piece up every component of the Taunt Battleworld platform into a game is the Unity game development engine. Unity is one of the biggest and most popular game development engines as it is built for easy scalability of games across multiple platforms, including mobile and PC platforms. Thanks to unity, Taunt Battleworld players will play and engage with the platform with any device they prefer.


Going forward, Taunt Battleworld plans to release a second version to its platform called Taunt Battleworld V2. With this release, and even more exciting engage-to-earn capability will be introduced to the game with additional enhancements of new NFTs and in-game items.

Turnt Gaming, the developer team behind the Taunt Battleworld game, also plans to incorporate a decentralized autonomous governance system where platform users will be able to vote and actively control the further development of the ecosystem.

Turnt Gaming plans to use this governance voting system to work closely with the community as a way of receiving feedback and building the game to fit the needs of its avid fans.