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Target Black? TikToker starts wild rumor about Target Balenciaga store

Social media is blowing up about Target’s “latest venture” with Balenciaga and other luxury brands.

The department store chain is said to open a premium concept store called Target Black. The news was first shared in a TikTok by creator Dan Bravo, who is allegedly working on a commercial for the brand.

The premium shop is already being built in NYC under the Highline and will have exclusive product lines from Balenciaga and Supreme.

Bravo also adds that the store will feature an organic and locally sourced food section, along with a Starbucks Reserve Roastery on-premises.

While the TikTok appears to show an under-construction storefront featuring a black Target sign, the facade is actually Target’s corporate office, located on Manhattan’s west side.

Meaning, there is no Target Black on the way.

Tarjé, yay or nay?

Target was also quick to shut down the rumors of their premium shop. However, neither Balenciaga nor Supreme has commented on the video.

On the other hand, social media users had a lot to say about Target Black. Some already suspected that it was a joke, but it didn’t stop them from debating on whether or not it was a good idea anyway. 

On Twitter, users argued that the store was in a nonideal location and that no one would bother to ‘travel all out there for deals they can get at Rack.’

Another user reminds us about the impracticality of Target Black due to high inflation and the possibility of an economic recession.

While one said they found the idea fun and believed that it could be a good move for Target since it already has a cult following.

TikTok is a different story. Several users were going off about how Target Black is elitist and irrationally annoying to them. 

Of course, Target Black isn’t real. Yet. 👀

Who knows? Maybe in a couple of months, we might actually get a surprise Target X Balenciaga collab. We just have to wait and see!