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toxic masculinity

Future says ‘no fatties allowed’ in the club, is his toxic masculinity a problem?

It’s been widely accepted that Future Hendrix is the unofficial savior of toxic masculinity and boy did he live up to his name last night.

Several blogs are reporting that The WIZRD artist turned around several plus-sized women at a Miami club for being “fat” and he’s hearing all about this morning.

One woman in particular — a 350-pound Instagram model who goes by the name of NAO —  took to platform air him out the misogynistic king out.

On the verge of tears, the young woman recounts her experience saying she never cared about Future or rappers like that and is surprised that in 2019 she, and other fat women still have to deal with those things.

“Just got news this is true — that Future said ‘no fatties in the club,” she starts off. “I’m just trying to really understand why this is a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place? The discrimination is insane to me,” NAO continues.

It has not been confirmed by Future or the night club that this took place or that Future himself made the call, as it is custom for Miami clubs to “get out of line” for appeal, but this is on par with Future’s behavior.

According to Psychology Today, toxic masculinity is defined as “men who are socially dominant, who are strategically risk-taking in their behaviors, and who exhibit patterns of behaviors that will allow them to ascend the social hierarchy and defend their positions from encroachers.”

And I couldn’t think of a rapper today who fits that mold more.

Until more facts come out we’ll never really know if Future truly responsible for what this model claims he’s guilty of, but until then, let’s look at some of Future’s most toxic moments of masculinity.

Stole Scotti Pippen’s girl

Future Snl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Taking other people’s women is an embedded aspect of rap culture. You can’t get through too many rap albums without it being bragged about and in a lot of cases is seen as an accomplishment.

Which is why when Future took 6-time NBA Champion and Hall of Famer Scotti Pippen’s wife, it turned heads. Only, in Future fashion, he ended up dropping her and rapping about it.

On the song, “Racks Blue” he politely touches on his liaison with Larsa Pippen.

“I shoulda gave ’em dog food and went to get neutered / I shoulda never got caught up with a cougar,” he glumly sings on the chorus.

He wisely leaves her alone and, towards the tail end of the track, explores how he feels about women that have left him in the past:

“I’ve been dead broke, treated unfairly / Never break me, love or hate me / She did forsake me, she wanna taste me / And she showed it, gave her the blue face.”

Suggests Russell Wilson does as he’s told

Russell Wilson Ciara GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

At this point, the saga between Future and ex-wife/ R&B singer Ciara can be made into a lifetime movie.

After the two split, Future has thrown jabs at the singer’s new relationship with Superbowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson, who has also stepped in as step-father of the rapper’s son.

This past Jan. the Atlanta native was interviewed on the FreeBandz Radio Presents: The Wizrd show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 where he shared his opinions on Wilson, once again proving his toxic ways.

“He do exactly what she tell him to do,” Future said.

The Atlanta rapper continued,

“He not being a man in that position. He not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the Internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’ If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her exes’ names up. Don’t give that s**t no energy.”

I’m good luv. Enjoy

Image result for I'm good luv. Enjoy future gif

Probably peak Future toxicity would have to be the origins of the now-viral phrase, “I’m good luv. Enjoy.”

The phrase was birthed after flying an Instagram model out and leaving her stranded when she revealed that she wouldn’t be sleeping with him.

She said the meaning was never clarified, still, their exchange went viral, with the lone quote of “I’m good luv. Enjoy” becoming the de facto statement of the summer.

And of course, he had to rap about it. Here’s the verse in wifi lit documenting his toxic ways:

“I leave a bitch in the cold, oh / I don’t act poor no more / I left her sitting at the Loews, oh / ‘Cause she wasn’t touching her toes, no.”

Future’s taste in women is his prerogative and if club promoters have a certain standard for their establishment we can’t fault him for that either, but that doesn’t make Hendrix any less problematic.

Maybe he’s this way because he knows it makes the music good, and if that’s the case, are there complaints, really?