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Doja Cat

Doja Cat retiring? A look into the rap nursing home

Many are speculating whether or not Doja Cat is serious about retiring from the rap game.

Throughout the years Doja has been killing the game, writing songs true to herself and her audience, however, that soon may end. Doja Cat’s retirement announcement was made on March 25 following several heated back and forths between her fans.

Many of her followers demanded an apology.

Fans accused Doja of being rude, and aggressive in response to the replies on Twitter. Following her performance at the Asunciónico music festival being canceled due to a major storm, Doja took to Twitter heated.

A week after her announcement she received her Grammy for “Kiss Me More” with SZA. In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, Doja Cat briefly addressed retiring from music. Focusing solely on having a good night, she dodged the question as best she could.

Is Doja Cat Retiring? She dodged the question in the interview

Doja Cat’s retirement from music says a lot about the relationship between fans and celebrities. Is she done for good or does she need a break for her mental health?

Many rappers before her claimed to retire and even showed signs of how terrible their mental health has developed from the music industry. However, for many emcees, it’s hard to stay away from rap.

What could other rappers who said the same thing can tell us about Doja Cats’ retirement?

1. Lil Wayne: how music can defeat artists like Doja Cat

The exact date for Weezy’s retirement is up in the air. On multiple occasions, due to the controversy behind The Carter V, the rap superstar has announced his retirement.

Weezy’s first retirement announcement came in 2012 with MTV. His commitment to retiring became more serious as he was facing a legal battle with the label Cash Money in 2016.

In a tweet, Weezy has expressed the defeated mental health the music industry caused him.

The Carter V was finally released in 2018, however, this wasn’t the end of Weezy’s music career. He would soon be featured on artist tracks such as Kendrick Lamar and DJ Khaled.

Notably, you can keep track of Lil Wayne’s retirement on

2. Jay Z: Came back more powerful than ever

Jay-Z’s retirement story is interesting but not much can be said about the Godfather of rap in this case. Jay-Z retired back in 2003, after releasing The Black Album. This however was a marketing tactic.

Three years later he would drop Kingdom Come and many more. He found “retiring” at the peak of his career would only make his next few albums more popular.

Jay-Z would end up dropping back-to-back hits, making that 3-year retirement worth it. His fame wasn’t just limited to rap after his return. The Carters would be a household name after marrying Beyonce.

3. Logic: Could Twitch be a new route for Doja Cat in retirement?

Logic is probably the most recent rapper to step out of retirement. His retirement story is also pretty strange. After the release of No Pressure, he left his rap career and became a pro streamer on Twitch.

His personality attracted a wide audience and was a refreshing change from music. With an ecstatic personality, herself could Twitch be a new route for Doja Cat in retirement?

In less than a year he came out of retirement. His announcement came as a nod to Micheal Jordan. Logic’s unretirement letter posted on Twitter is a duplicate of Jordans, modeling the same format and similarly released by their respective lawyers

4. 50 Cent: Found a place in TV

Via @50cent

50 Cent’s retirement came unexpectedly after a chart battle with Kanye West in 2007. Leading up to Kanye’s iconic album Graduation and 50’s Curtis, the duo would have heated exchanges where he said he would stop putting out solo albums if Graduation sold more records.

The feud between the two was great for marketing, and fans loved the beef, however, in the end, Kanye’s Graduation topped Curtis.

The rapper never really intended to retire. Losing the chart battle with Kanye didn’t exactly do him any favors in the music industry. In 2009 he came out of retirement and released Before I Self Destruct, which wasn’t exactly competing well with others.

Thankfully he found a place in entertainment as an executive producer for Power. Could TV be a lane for Doja Cat after retiring?

5. Nicki Minaj icon for women in rap

Via @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj is one of the most controversial rappers who retired and unretired. In 2019, Nicki tweeted she was retiring from music, to focus on her family. She left her fanbase the “barbies” freaked out all over Twitter.

She would later clarify that tweet in an interview with The Shade Room. Nicki was only thinking about her future when she posted that tweet.

“So the retirement was kind of talking about my album, meaning like, ‘Do I want to go back and record my fifth album? Where do I stand with it now?’” she told the Shade Room.