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Wendy’s proves they’re with the sh*ts, drops a mixtape that’s actually fire

Hip-hop is pop culture and with the power of the internet, Wendy’s is clouting up.

Over the weekend, the fast-food conglomerate dropped their debut EP, “We Beefin”. Trust me when I say this –– they want all the smoke.

Apparently fresh beef isn’t the only thing Wendy’s is serving. Never frozen when in the spotlight, Wendy’s certainly delivered on the mixtape.

Wingstop must’ve thought that everything was sweet after taking shots at Wendy’s on Twitter in 2017. Wendys was not having that.

From the jump, they let their competitors know that they’re running the game and even caught Wingstop with a sneak diss on “Twitter Fingers.”

“You shoulda just took this route//

Thinking you could wing it//

They stopped shopping with ya//

No wonder your names repeat it”

The lyrical onslaught didn’t stop there. Wendy’s came for McDonalds’ neck on “Clownin.”

Not holding back they let Mickey D’s know that their beef is trash and to go join the circus.

“Before you speak my name, you better think and hesitate//

Got nothin’ to hide, we fresh on the side, but you hide from funk//

That’s prolly why you go paint your face//

My meals are great, people linin’ up like everyday//

Leave you in shame, make you run back to Cirque du Soleil//

That’s cold game, but what you expect from tryna play//

Won’t say no names but you a clown, get it, okay?”

The marketing behind the Wendy’s mixtape is genius. And who the hell is spitting on these tracks?! She is nice!

They are killing the game right now and could potentially trump McDonalds as the number one fast-food burger joint in the United States.

After dissing McDonalds on Twitter and even the in a Super Bowl ad, it makes perfect sense for the tape to drop. March Madness was the perfect opportunity for Wendy’s dethrone the clown.

Wendy’s launched their #TeamFresh challenge during March Madness. It features some of the hottest social media influencers like Josh Peck (@ItsJoshPeck), Demetrius Harmon (@meechonmars), and NBA analyst Famous Los (@famouslos32).

Their motto is “Fresh since Day one” is what inspired the challenge. Whoever had the dopest tweet with Wendy’s merchandise, like their shirts, jerseys, and hoodies, gets a free trip to the NCAA March Madness Final-Four to battle it out.

Shoutout to Wendy’s for holding it down and adapting with the time with their marketing schemes.

Ever since the tape dropped, their social media accounts have been ablaze. All that’s left to say is… when is the album dropping?!

And let us get some visuals on the side too!