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Australian artist Maple Glider uses reflection as her superpower

In anticipation of her debut album ‘To Enjoy Is The Only Thing,’ Australia-native Maple Glider turns pain into beauty with her latest single ‘Swimming.’

Detailing the events leading up to the end of a romantic relationship, ‘Swimming’ provides a feeling of reflection and intimacy.

In the process of making the record, Maple detailed navigating between mixed emotions of joy and sadness. It ultimately brought her to a place of acceptance that establishes the genuine nature within the music.

Amidst the collective unrest of the pandemic, Maple took the time to reconnect with herself and her surroundings.

The result would only bring her closer to her passion as a musician along with a heightened sense of self.

“I personally had a lot of time to be still and reflect. I’ve also come out of it pretty much working on music full time… I think like everyone, there have been really low points, and times where I’ve felt so uninspired. I appreciate that I was given the time to be able to sit and work through those feelings, and I think that definitely shows up in my songwriting.”

Maple Glider

Visual inspiration in Maple Glider’s work

The accompaniment of the vintage aesthetic of the music video contributes to the vibe of the record in a seamless fashion.

Every video was shot one-on-one with her roommate Bridgette, and Maple thus described the experience as being very personal. Besides the comforting feeling that the Super 8mm camera creates, working with her friend made the process truly special.

“We both love the feeling of film, the warmth and richness, the anticipation you have when you send it off to the lab and patiently wait for the result. To be honest, it wouldn’t matter so much what camera she had, I just really enjoy the experience of making things with friends, and making things with Brid is really special.”

Maple Glider

To Enjoy is the Only Thing

In regards to the music, Maple can grab inspiration from all aspects of life. Stumbling upon a piece of Graffiti art that reads “To Enjoy is the Only Thing BTCH$,” Maple spun its superficiality.

Considering the heavy subject matter throughout the entirety of her debut, the title represents the brighter side of life.

Working towards the release, Maple describes her debut album as a moment that she has waited a long time for.

“When I was recording with Tom (Iansek) I found myself in this moment where finally I was recording my debut album, something I had been working towards for close to a decade. I feel like I’m attached to music… I kind of felt like I found somewhere I loved, to fit. It was really nice.”

Maple Glider

Look out for Maple Glider’s debut project “To Enjoy Is The Only Thing” releasing June 25.