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Who is Sech? The reggaeton artist putting it on for Panama

Panama’s own, Sech has the Latin music world in his hand.

In 2019, Reggaeton’s main acts were artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Anuel AA and Nicky Jam. This group has been one of the most successful acts in music over the last few years.

However, it was a new artist Sech who provided us with Otro Trago, the biggest hit of the summer.

Who is Sech?

Sech,  born Carlos Isaias Morales Willams on Dec. 3, 1993, grew up in the town of Rio Abajo, Panama. As a kid, he was musically curious and he played various instruments.

But, his main source of musical influence was Reggae singer, El General, another Panamanian artist who’s credited with being the father of Spanish reggae.

In an interview with The Young Folks, he said:

“There was never really a moment where I knew for sure my dream would become a reality… There is no way you can know for sure.”

His beginnings were very humble, only earning about $50 a day. He saw his dream to be in the music industry as a way to support his family in Panama. The thing that makes Sech smile is making music that people are supporting and enjoying.

The artist is very grateful to the fans that come to his show, play his music and help his dream come true. Now, that he has made it, he told Remezcla:

“My new dream now, is to become an icon.”

Most Latin music artists are coming from Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, so Sech takes pride in representing his native Panama. His grind will inspire the next wave of artists to come from his home country and he feels responsible to make people take notice.

Sech’s rise to mainstream

Sech burst onto the scene this year. Back in April, he Panama native released his album Sueños. It featured the wildly popular remixed track “Que Mas Pues.”

The album featured some of Reggaeton’s biggest names such as Manuel Turizo, Farruko, Nicky Jam, and Zion & Lennox. Adding to the heat, in early September, Sech released a track titled “Si Te Vas” featuring Ozuna. The track has quickly become a popular hit among fans.

In an interview with Young Folks, he spoke the importance of working with fellow Latin artists.

 “Its been an amazing experience first of all, second they teach me a lot as well as inspire me. It’s cool because I get to meet the person behind the artist which as a fan you don’t get to see.”


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He considers it also a blessing to have the respect of so many of his fellow Latin artists. Many of his fellow reggaeton artists talk so highly of him. Feid, another Latin artist called Sech a “very special parcero” back in February after they collaborated on the “Sigueme Remix.”

Sech spoke on the importance of getting that respect from his fellow artist.

“It’s special because I know not everyone gets it in this industry. A lot of artists don’t get it. For me to have the respect of the people that came before me and talk highly of me, its a blessing.”

Without a doubt, the track, Otro Trago (Another Drink in English) was Sech’s biggest moment of 2019. The track was among the biggest hit songs of the summer.

The song is frequently requested and played on the radio including on stations that are not known for playing Reggaeton. The song topped the charts in many Spanish-speaking countries as well as the US Hot Latin Song Billboard.

Sech’s hits

I had the opportunity to experience Sech perform at Queen’s nightclub back in August. Although Sech got on stage well after midnight, he was still a spike of energy to a crowd that was probably debating if they had been ripped off.

Still, as soon as the “Everybody to the disco” lyric rang throughout the club, everyone immediately rushed to the dance floor and grabbed their phones to record videos of them shouting the lyrics.

There was not one person sitting down or standing still when this song came on. We all know that Sech will continue on this path to legendary greatness and for all those who haven’t kept their ears to the streets please make sure you bump his gas.