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Atlanta producer Mannie íl is forging a unique path in the music realm

If you aren’t familiar with the work that Baton Rouge/Atlanta-based producer & engineer Mannie íl is doing within hip-hop, you might not be as musically tapped in as you thought.

Amidst the sea of talented young producers in rap today, Mannie’s eclectic heavy-hitting sound has set him apart.

Working with the likes of highly revered artists like Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Key Glock, and also executive producing YBN Nahmir’s latest album Visionland, Mannie’s portfolio is in a substantial place.

My conversation with Mannie revealed that regardless of the current success gained through his craft, it was not earned overnight.

A seed of inspiration

Growing up in Baton Rouge, LA, Mannie was exposed to music early on as a musician in the church.

This would lead to his first spark of inspiration, witnessing a local Gospel group in his community go platinum. Furthermore, recording music with his cousins built Mannie’s comfortability with the studio at an early age.

Mannie took off running with this inspiration to sharpen his craft and then never looked back. At 14 years of age, the burning passion that Mannie had for music led him to an opportunity of a lifetime, recording and also producing for Kevin Gates.

While many people would have grown complacent from such an experience early in their career, Mannie stayed true to his grind.

Mannie íl adapting to an odd year

With the current interpersonal restrictions that the pandemic has prompted, Mannie expressed how this has benefitted his working habits.

The newfound intimacy of modern-day studio sessions has prompted stronger connections for Mannie. He thus has credited the quality of his work to the personal settings of studio sessions which brought him closer to artists.

“Surprisingly the pandemic has been amazing for me because it made sessions intimate. A lot of (YBN) Nahmir’s album was recorded at his house in LA… As a result, I’ve gotten to work with a lot of dope artists in settings that enhanced the quality of our sessions.”

Mannie íl

Mannie further explained how these intimate work settings put him in the same rooms as rap’s most talented musicians from Young Thug and Future to Metro Boomin.

Eliminating the clutter, Mannie’s creative and ambitious mindset raised to a higher frequency…

The Atlanta producer is expanding his talents

The process of producing YBN Nahmir’s debut album Visionland reminded Mannie of his resilience as a producer and musician overall. With multiple joint projects planned in the near future, Mannie believes executive production will be a common aspect of his musicality.

Wake Up

He recently worked closely with Key Glock & Young Dolph on their latest album Dum And Dummer 2.

Earning placements on three tracks (#9,18 & 19) on the joint project, the Atlanta producer’s hard-hitting production seamlessly complimented the Memphis MC’s.

Considering Young Dolph’s Recent announcement of retirement from Rap, Mannie has cemented himself in rap history. Gaining industry experience through the connections Mannie has made highlighted his love for the creativity that comes with making music.

Remaining creative with the craft

Expounding on his prior involvement in handling the business aspect of music, Mannie felt a stronger appreciation for his craft.

“I had to take a step back from the business side of the industry and remain creative… Now I’ve put together a team where I don’t even need to talk about the business anymore… I caught myself early in this journey all about the business with myself and it was affecting my creativity and my beats. It brought back the genuine connection because I really care about the vision of artists that I work with.”

Mannie íl

Distinguishing the business from the craft, Mannie has been able to manifest more meaningful relationships with artists.

It allows him to decipher those who truly care about the music and those looking for a financial come up. In light of the success Mannie mentioned the vitality of the mentorship he’s received.

Guided by super producers Dun Deal (onthetrack), Mixed By Tillie & Bandplay who have produced for superstars from the Migos to French Montana, Mannie was in good company.

Mannie has used this mentorship to foster the career of his artist Tajiah Gary whose hybrid sound of R&B and Hip-Hop is making noise in Atlanta.

As he continues to nurture an already star-studded resume, Mannie íl will prove to be a light in music.

Though his work speaks for itself, the purity of Mannie’s intentions regarding his music and collaborators sets him apart.

I want to thank Mannie íl and his team for the opportunity to conduct the interview. Look out for what Mannie íl has planned!

Until then, stream Visionland by YBN Nahmir as well as Dum And Dummer 2 available everywhere!