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Twitter savages fill the time as basketball fans await NBA finals

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen any basketball. The NBA Playoffs have been straight up brutal to watch, with the Cavs losing 1 (one) game and the Warriors losing none on their way to a third straight finals matchup.

The Warriors last played on May 22nd and the Cavs last played on the 25th.

But it’s over. We no longer have to watch frankly mediocre teams flail away at the Cavaliers and Warriors.

The playoffs started on April 15th, which feels like a lifetime ago, but let’s just be grateful that we finally get to watch the matchup of DESTINY.

Since the last time we actually saw a basketball game, Twitter has been blowing up with memes, highlights, statistics, and jokes, all the jokes about the Finals.

It’s times like these that we can truly appreciate the beauty of social media, filling the dead time between actual playoff games with hilarity and nice kernels of statistical interest.

Here are some of the good tweets.

Will J.R. get sauced mid-game again?

Will the Warriors even have a coach?

Lil B is excited for some NBA basketball!!

Some wild NBA Finals by the numbers facts via BSO.

Yeah… like I said, it’s been awhile since we actually had any ball to watch.

There’s definitely some good guy/bad guy dynamics.

We always have time for A.I.’s iconic crossover… by the way, where’s that Ty Lue character now?

The Warriors really thought they could punk LeBron last year…

Come at the King… best not miss.

And of course, Stephen A. doesn’t know shit! His pick is truly a curse.

This might be the most talented Finals of all-time…

The hot takers are out talking LeBron versus Mike versus Kobe, but what’s really good with who they played in the finals?

Aaaaaand Knicks fans are perpetually sick.