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Migos are The Beatles of our generation (And Quavo is John Lennon)

Migos arrived on the scene in summer 2013 with “Versace” and nothing was the same.

The track was irresistibly catchy and Migos added Drake to a remix, immediately becoming a fixture in the hip-hop lexicon. That same summer, Migos dropped their mixtape Y.R.N. with hits like “Hannah Montana” and “Chinatown.”

Migos sounded unlike any other hip-hop group on the scene, each member contributing their own individual flow and signature voice. The triumvirate of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff was a three-headed monster of punchlines, adlibs, infectious choruses, and fire bars.

Migos continued to drop heat, mixtape No Label 2 came in February 2014, Y.R.N. 2 dropped in November 2014, and Young Rich Nation in July 2015, a ridiculous string of dope releases all coming out while Offset was in and out of prison.

Then in October 2016, the group dropped “Bad and Boujee,” a song that would go ridiculously viral, become memeified, and go on to top the Billboard charts.

Migos’ album Culture came in January 2017, officially cementing Migos as one of the biggest rap acts in the world. Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, claimed that Migos are truly The Beatles of our generation,

“I think they’re The Beatles of this generation and they don’t get a lot of respect, I think, outside of, like, Atlanta. Not that they don’t get a lot of respect, but there’s a generation, sort of like the YouTube generation that I kinda came up with. There’s a generation of kids that are growing up on something that’s completely separate from a whole group of people.”

Where’s the lie?

Migos’ popularity saw them become a go-to feature for pop acts like Katy Perry and Calvin Harris, with everyone trying to capitalize on the group’s infectious songwriting.

Their de facto leader is Quavo, although each member adds their own individual flair to the group. Quavo has become somewhat of a crossover star, with the most songs of any artist in the Billboard Top 10 this year.

Everyone from Drake to Post Malone to former One Direction member Liam Payne has tapped up Quavo for a feature.

And while Quavo may just be the John Lennon of our generation’s Beatles, the collective dominance of the Migos is very much down to their ability as a group.

The Migos must be protected at all costs.