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Who is JiDion? The 21-year-old content creator taking over YouTube

Taking over YouTube one viral video at a time is the 21-year-old JiDion from Houston, Texas. Young as he may be, his name is ringing bells worldwide.

You or your friends might not be strangers to some of JiDion’s most viral videos. From getting a haircut at an NBA game to being charged with arson at an iHop, JiDion’s subscribers just can’t get enough of his next-level pranks.

JiDion’s fans are also not oblivious to his journey as a YouTuber as he has paid his dues and was even delivering for DoorDash when he first started.

His journey to becoming one of the most prolific content creators in recent memory did not come without hard work. And it’s his authenticity for the game that separates him from the others.

The rise of JiDion

Exploring YouTube content from the age of 12, JiDion did streaming, commentary, vlogs, and other trending content.

When he was 18, his main content was his high school’s version of “So You Think You Can Dance” with the video gaining 900 views on its first day.

Viral videos may have brought him luck from time to time but it got just that, luck for a short amount of time.

JiDion admitted how he almost gave up on his YouTube channel when his subscribers didn’t move at all from 244,000 for six whole months.

It doesn’t take a YouTube expert to realize that this was never a good sign for content creators.

Pivoting his mindset

“Who gives a f*ck about getting a bunch of views and Sh** bro. Let’s just f*cking go, man. Let’s post some bangers.”

– Jidion

It is easy to be carried away by trendy content with the increasing number of social and cultural trends and new influencers on YouTube.

According to JiDion, that was something he decided to give up on instead of his entire passion for creating videos. Fun and wit come naturally with JiDion and he made sure that his next videos would show that more natural side of him.

His video where he used a walkie-talkie and an RC Car in picking up girls in public captured the amusement and interest of new subscribers.

Complimenting him on his unique content and humor, JiDion’s fans truly are in for different adventures in every video.

Now with 5.3 Million subscribers on YouTube and 3.6 Million followers on Tiktok, JiDion’s name, voice, and laughter are just getting louder and louder on everyone’s screens. 

Advice to young creators


– Jidion, 2021

It’s never the same thing for JiDion when it comes to his content. In a video where he gave advice to aspiring YouTubers, he ends his list to his fans with his mentality of reaching new people and never milking any of his previous content. 

Trolling and pranking videos may have grown up with everyone and with every social media platform, but YouTubers as creative and as passionate as JiDion only inspire more to tune in. 

For someone as high-spirited as JiDion, not even lifetime banishments from the oldest tournament namely Wimbledon doesn’t seem to faze this creator.

Pulling stunts and pranks in the most bizarre places and impacting the lives of his loyal audiences got him the attention and deal with Logan Paul’s PRIME SQUAD.

When you throw away the worrying about your views and likes count and instead give your heart out to your content, the millions on Youtube will know and surely follow you, literally and figuratively. 

And this 21-year-old YouTuber proves just that. 

Watch his 2021 prank highlights to see for yourself!