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LeBron James officially opens his I Promise School for at-risk kids in Akron

As if his greatness has not already been solidified, LeBron James is adding yet another feat to his historical career by partnering his LeBron James Family Foundation with Akron, Ohio Public Schools to open a public elementary school called I Promise School, Monday.

Founded with a purpose of serving at-risk children in James’ hometown, the school’s plans to build the community by investing in the lives that will return and enrich and pay it forward.

The school will begin with two grades — third and fourth — with hopes to expand in the future. It’s something he’s described as being one of the greatest moments of his life.

I Promise School has a staff of roughly 40, who are prepped to teach the school’s longer days and school year.

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Qualifications for the program are based on socioeconomic and performance factors and students who have completed the program have been promised full tuition to the University of Akron by James upon completion starting in 2021.

“I know these kids, basically, better than they know themselves,” says James in a personal statement on his multimedia platform UNINTERRUPTED on both the school and joining the Lakers.

His hopes are to make the next Barack Obama and Serena Williams. “It’s an endless opportunity,” he adds.

In addition to the school, James has also created a program for the parents of the at-risk children to get their high school education and has planned an institute to help prepare high-school-age students for college.

The goal is that more than 1,200 children will pass through the program and into college by 2029. It’s hard to think of an athlete, in any sport, whose on-court greatness is on par with their influence of the court.

Amongst all debates, he alone will always be the GOAT in that category.