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Hispanic Heritage Month

5 powerful podcasts in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

A good way of keeping in touch with contributions and influences from Hispanic culture is podcasts.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to commemorate and recognize the importance of Hispanic culture. There are more than 20 Hispanic countries in the world with a large melting pot of diverse cultures.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021
VIA Hispanic Heritage Month Site

Here are five podcasts that hit the soul.

1. Level Up Latina (LUL)

This podcast provides readers with both Hispanic culture and the feel of female empowerment. Three Latina’s, Cecilia, Irene, and Veronica were friends and now creators wanted a place to share the ups and downs of being a working woman, mother, and a person of color.

This want for a community feel has led to the creation of this podcast that shares empowering messages through a unique cultural feminist perspective.

hispanic podcast
VIA Level Up Latina

The podcast has in a sense become a role model for those who may feel discouraged that may find the topics that are spoken about relatable to their everyday life.

It has created an impact where these women were able to redefine their struggles into strengths that formed inspirational stories and advice to their listeners. Level Up Latina has been a constant reminder to keep in touch with rooted culture through tough times. 

2. Barrio Chef

The definition of a Barrio Chef is somebody who gives it their all when creating dishes. Mike Gonzalez, a journalist and food blogger who is the creator of the Hispanic Food Network provides his audience with a Hispanic food podcast.

Barrio Chef provides listeners with Hispanic food recommendations that reveal heritage, and culture.

Gonzalez’s restaurant recommendation, Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

It can provide content that can be seen as relatable to listeners, reminding people of the uniqueness of Hispanic culture. From restaurant recommendations to coquito recipes, Barrio Chef is an enjoyable way to keep in touch with Hispanic culture.

3. LatinX On The Rise

Bringing light to activists and uncovering stories that are one of a kind, Latinx On The Rise devotes their platform for the greater good. Founder Annabel Garcia is devoted to strengthening the community by interviewing activists and revealing stories from a perspective that people may not have seen before.

Covering stories from people who are not only Hispanic but also bringing light to those who are Afro-Latino or biracial and what they experience. Its inspiration leaves its audience thinking about issues within the community and the want for change. 

Take a listen to the episode, “When The Child Becomes The Parent | Update On Family Separation” to hear about Garcia’s input on issues regarding U.S immigration policies and Trump’s 10 point raise within the Latino community in 2020 in comparison to the 2016 election.

4. Alt Latino 

If you are looking for a podcast that reveals the heart of Hispanic culture and experience, Alt Latino is the one! Alt Latino reveals how everyday forms of Hispanic culture such as music can help express the experiences of a Hispanic individual.

Their episode called “Activist Musicians Take on Trump Policies” reveals how people have taken a powerful tool such as music to use to fight for justice. Alt Latino has in a sense become this platform for other platforms within Hispanic culture.

They have placed spotlights on impacts from the community and individuals, reminding listeners of the past and ongoing cultural achievements by connecting them to everyday things.

5. Latinos Out Loud

Latinos Out Loud carries two words, charisma and character. Laughter is one of the many factors that bring communities together and provide cohesiveness. Their podcast makes one feel at home through the use of comedic ideas and lingo. It intends to move and encourage individuals within the community.

“LOL is here to move Latinos forward while making every Juan laugh!”

Via Latinos Out Loud

Three comedians, Rachel “La Loca” Strauss-Muniz, Jaime “Jfernz” Fernandez, and Frank Nibbs have come together to create a positive and enjoyable place for their listeners.

This place provides a comforting feel for all those within or who’d like to get an insight into Hispanic culture. They have taken their motive to create an enjoyable, and realistic listen for their audience. 

We love these hard-hitting Hispanic podcasts

These podcasts have the ability to keep people in touch with Hispanic culture, experiences, and heritage.

Hearing about activists fighting for the community, or things that create the Hispanic culture to be special can be seen through some of the many podcasts that are out there.