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Depressed vaginas are a real thing. Here’s how to keep yours happy.

Depressed vaginas are an actual thing.

According to The Sun and an updated study by The New York Post, “depressed vagina” is a condition that unfortunately leads to even more vaginal conditions, such as vaginal atrophy, a menopausal affliction which causes the vaginal wall to thin, leading to painful, dry and/or burning intercourse.

The best cure and preventative for a depressed vagina is to keep your vaginal walls stimulated through an active sex life.

As per The New York Post, sex therapist Louise Mazanti discusses the benefits of keeping an active sex life with yourself, regardless of whether you have a partner or not.

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As a woman, the most important thing you can do for your vagina is to stimulate the tissue inside, allowing the blood to flow.

“It is very important that we have a healthy sex life with a partner or with ourselves. People very often say, ‘I don’t have a sex life because I don’t have a partner, but forget about that and have a sexual relationship with yourself. ‘It’s about using massage and touching the tissue so that it becomes alive, the blood flows and the tissue becomes elastic. It is really about exercising the tissue.”

Lack of sex has a stronger affect on you than physical. Lack of sex also causes mental imbalances, confusion and discomfort.

“When your ability to have sex and your desire to have sex decreases, it is a massive change in identity. You start to question ‘who am I now if I am not the sexual woman I used to be?’ It can cause depression and an identity crisis and deep consideration of an existential nature.”

The symptoms for atrophy are similar to the many common infections woman experience throughout their lives. Burning, discharge, urgency to pee, pain during sex… All these indicate that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

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Stimulation using oils, creams, and lubricant should be considered if dryness becomes a huge problem. LPT: Coconut oil is a wonderful natural lubricant and sex oil.

The good news is all you need to do to keep this matter at bay is to make sure that at least once a day, you’re getting your daily dose of orgasm.

Sounds like a pretty good problem to have, right ladies?