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Is NYC ready for these 5 Halloween parties? Watch us pop TF out

NYC, are you ready for lit and haunted Halloween parties this year?

It’s been a scary year for all of us this year, but Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re celebrating the spooky season differently. This year New York is doing more than just trick or treating.

Here’s a guide to all the best Halloween parties that are happening in NYC this year to get you in the spirit. 

The Village Halloween Parade

Sunday, October 31 (7 pm)

Halloween is back this year in Greenwich Village with its iconic giant puppet. After being canceled last year due to COVID, The village will celebrate its 48th annual Halloween parade all thanks to Jason Feldman and his wife Missy Feldman.

This year’s theme is “Let’s Play!”, dedicated to the children of NYC who couldn’t celebrate Halloween last year. 

Read more about the Halloween event (click here)

Webster Hall Hell Devil’s Playground: Gay Halloween

Saturday, October 30 (11 pm)

This is the after-party you want to go to after The Village Halloween Parade. All four floors of Webster Hall turns into an exciting costume party with spine-tingling music and a costume contest.

Webster Hell 2011 was one of the biggest Halloween Parties in NYC

The winner will receive $5,000. Tickets are getting more expensive, the closer we get to this NYC Halloween party, so get yours soon.


Watermark “Haunted Pier” Silent Disco 

Friday, October 29 (7 pm – 12 am)

This Halloween, your costume better have some good dancing shoes too, cause The Watermark is hosting a Haunted Pier silent disco. If you have never been to a silent disco this is your chance to dance.

halloween party watermark
Watermark Halloween

Located at the end of Pier 15, this 10,000 square foot outdoor venue will transform into a fully immersive Halloween festival party with three live DJs playing on your headphones, cocktails, food, and scary movie screening.


Pumpkin Point 2021: Governors Island 

October 23-24 (10 am – 6 pm)  | October 30-31 (10 am – 6 pm) 

Nothing says fall like pumpkin picking. Thousands of pumpkins are arriving at Governors Island this October and you’re invited to walk through this colorful pumpkin patch.

Live performances along with activities will keep everyone entertained. Local vendors will also be selling seasonal food and beverages. It’s lit!

Well, don’t get too lit lol. (RSVP HERE)

House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée | Wall Street 

October 8 – 31

Explore a haunted mansion in Wallstreet this year with House of Spirits. This haunted cocktail Soirée will let you mingle with some strange characters and sip on Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Enjoy yourself and witness the haunting story of Molly and Francisco Vega as they dive into a darker place and bring you along with them. This Halloween party is not for the weak-hearted.