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The best life lessons Uncle Phil blessed us with on ‘Fresh Prince’

This past weekend marked the 27th anniversary of the moment that Fresh Prince of Bel Air first debuted and changed network television forever.

And when you really think about it, has there really ever been a better show?

Not only was a star born in Will Smith but Carlton’s dance moves became a pop culture phenomenon, we got to see what bad and boujee really meant thanks to Hilary, and of course the most valuable life lessons were delivered by none other than James “Uncle Phil” Avery.

His tragic passing near two year eves ago is still one of the saddest losses in TV history as his character on the show was truly larger than life. His voice of discipline and wisdom is something that remains relevant every time you see a re-run of the show.

With Will wildin’ out every damn episode, Uncle Phil was that presence that kept him grounded and while he was driven crazy by his damn nephew, Phil showed America what real love looks like.

Just recently Will Smith went bungee jumping and released this upside down selfie that had everyone trippin’ once they saw how much he looked just like his late TV uncle. Nah seriously this is kinda crazy!

Now who wouldn’t want to see a Fresh Prince reboot where Uncle Will is the one dishing out all the knowledge on some youngin’ wildin’? Maybe Jaden???

At the end of the day no one will be able to replace Uncle Phil, not even Will, as his deep voice and refined knowledge from growing up on the streets and becoming a lawyer would just be unmatched by anyone.

You almost felt like this character he was playing was real life and he cared about his family that much. Uncle Phil was an amazing character but James Avery brought him to life on every show. He was everyone’s uncle, realistically.

RIP Uncle Phil.