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8 reasons we’re too hyped the NFL is back (even though they’re trippin)

The NFL is back and while football is always type lit, there’s a lot of reasons to not tune in this year too.

For one, commissioner Roger Goodell is a pretty trash leader and his league has one of the worst track records when it comes to public perception and protecting its players.

Then there’s the whole Colin Kaepernick situation, which really showed the true colors of the owners throughout the NFL. The dude is a talented ass QB and is way more qualified than someone like Jay Cutler but the league is blackballing him for not staying in his lane.

In 2017 we need players to speak out about injustices in our country but don’t even peep the NFL’s Facebook page comments with that shit.

But it’s not all bad though! For one, Marshawn is back and he’s in Oakland. But what he’s doing out there is more than just football. He’s giving back to his hometown community in amazing ways.

Aside from that, there’s a few new stadiums on deck and they couldn’t be any more opposite looking. The Jets will forever be trash and who’s really gonna beat the Pats?

Then we get down to the talent in the NFL today and it’s just ridiculous. Odell Beckham Jr. is well on his way to being respected as one of the greatest receivers in the game today but low key Mike Evans in Tampa Bay is also up there too. Still, even they’re tryna get up there in the conversation with AB and Julio.

Tom Brady is still crushing it, Eli is still confused af, and Jameis Winston is really out here ready to take over if his special teams can figure it out.

But the most important part of this upcoming NFL season is that more players are stepping forward and supporting Kaepernick by protesting the anthem. And even white players from Chris Long to Seth DeValve are supporting their teammates’ fight.

This NFL year will be under more scrutiny than ever because of how crazy this country is right now but at the same time, how about them Cowboys?

Peep the video above to get dumb hype.