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The legacy of XXXTentacion: Should he be remembered for his art?

XXXTentacion was shot dead on Monday, June 18th as he awaited a trial for the domestic abuse against his then-pregnant girlfriend.

X was one of the most controversial and problematic artists of our generation a flurry of allegations connected to the artist. His death has opened up many interesting conversations about whether or not his art should be respected.

After releasing “Look At Me” in 2015 X started to gain a brutally loyal fan base that would establish themselves as the stans of the SoundCloud world.

Being one of the most prominent Floridian rappers and helping bring a voice to Florida for other artists who had experienced what he experienced growing up.

After garnishing such a controversial image for the abuse against his girlfriend people had a very hard time listening to the music he was putting out considering how violent the lyrics are and the connection between his experience and the music being put out.

This is when the discussion of separating the art from the artist started to bubble up, Anthony Fantano, the internet’s busiest music nerd, of theneedledrop YouTube channel made an excellent video about reviewing problematic artist, and why he will still review a problematic artist.

X started making a change for the better after blowing up on social media for his lo-fi hyper-aggressive emotional rap X wanted to spread positivity, love and motivate his fans to do what they want and create as often as possible X was very committed to helping young kids who are downtrodden or hurting behind closed doors.

Instagram has been flooded for the last 36 hours with love for the artist and videos of him speaking about the positivity he wanted everyone to embrace.

X spoke about what he wants for his fans in a touching live stream before his passing,

“I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life.”

After the passing of X creatives from the rap and hip-hop world came out to give their 2 cents on the entire situation.

One of the busiest rappers right now is Tekashi 69 who is creating buzz surrounding his never-ending rap beef came out today to speak on how precious life is.

Kanye West, J Cole, Diplo and Travis Barker to name a few more of those who gave their commentary about the untimely death of such a young artist.

Whether you listened to his music, respected him or not, nobody deserves to die this senselessly at just 20-years-old.