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The art of finesse: 3 ways being resourceful will help you secure the bag

Finesse is a word that has seemed to come to the forefront of the culture lately.

I’ve never heard it in as many rap songs or coming out of kids’ mouths before as much as I do today. The formal definition of, “intricate and refined delicacy” has garnered a different interpretation over time.

To this generation, it reads, “trying to get something in a slick way,” or “to make a way when there isn’t.” We all can use finesse in our lives. If we master its effect and principles, it can become a very valuable skill set.

From figuring it out on the go to networking and building relationships with mentors, finessing is an attribute that helps us navigate through some of life’s jams.

You would not always go to land in a favorable position. The hands your dealt aren’t always going to look good, but it’s still up to us to try and squeeze whatever good we can out of it regardless. That’s what finesse embodies.

There are certain areas in our lives where we’re going to need finesse. The more knowledgeable we are one with it means to finesse, the more prepared we’ll be when tasked in these situations.

Cohabitation is a must

If you didn’t have siblings, you learned this at school, and if you were homeschooled, you learned it in the workplace — in life, you must coexist with people.

Sometimes you’ll like them, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you think you’ll know them, then they’ll do something you’d least expect.

Either way, sharing space with others takes a delicate managing of emotions and constant sacrifice of ego for the sake of civility.

That’s a finesse like none other.

Whether it’s a job you don’t want to be at, under a boss that’s unfair or with the worst co-workers ever, or not having enough employees in your company to do what you need, you’re going to have to learn how to be resourceful despite the odds. That means being able to show up, show face, and collect the bag at the same time.

Without finesse you can say something you don’t mean, walk out of an opportunity too soon or miss an opportunity completely.

Finessing is showing composure, professionalism in high pressure situations and when you’re forced to be around individuals who don’t reciprocate it. It’s knowing how to move in a room full of vultures.

Being amphibious in every environment is a sign of using finesse.

Always be in good favor

You never know how valuable a relationship can be or what it can do for your career later on. That’s why you should always strive to be in a favorable light to every relationship you come into.

If the majority of people you come across maintain a good impression of you, when the timing is right, you can finesse a possible job lead out of the relationship.

The type of finesse you need to attain favor in your relationships may have to include you making someone think you’re their friend even when you aren’t. That could be the difference between you surviving the department downsize over another coworker.

When you tread with finesse, you think three moves ahead and prepare accordingly.

Figuring it out on the go

In life you may find yourself in the crosshairs of a situation that’s out of your control, where you have to figure it out on the go. It’s in those situations where you’re going to need finesse the most.

Finesse is thinking on the go, improvising, feeling empowered to do what needs to be done to get things done.

Risks, which are so important to take, are more daunting without the skill of finesse. We wouldn’t be prepared to make a way out of no way. When we’re ready to finesse, we’re not afraid to take leaps of faith.

That’s going to take studying tutorials on YouTube, pulling all-nighters or whatever it else takes to level up. When we are comfortable in our ability to finesse, we’re more inclined to put ourselves in positions to win.

Whether it’s who you live with, the people you win over or your ability to adapt, there are always going to be areas in life where you need finesse.

Once we master it, we’ll find ourselves ready for whatever life throws at us.