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Hell to the NAH: ‘Hereditary’ is the horror film being called the next ‘Exorcist’

Open scissors slowly moving towards a pigeons head to snip it off, floating decapitated corpses, and live bodies burning in a personal inferno of hell fire are just a couple of clips that won’t exit your mind after watching the trailer for what has been deemed our generations scariest movie, Hereditary.

The movie premiered at Sundance earlier this week scaring the bricks out of anyone who dared to peep through their fingers while watching the new A24 horror flick.

USA Today called it the most insane “horror movie in years” and The Hollywood Reporter has warned horror fans eager to be frightened that this neo-horror flick will be “two breathless hours of escalating terror”

Film critics also took to Twitter explaining the sheer terror Hereditary exhumed. Get Out definitely set the bar high possibly putting us in the golden age of horror film.

Matt Dentler Tweeted, “Is there such a thing as “too scary?” #Hereditary #sundance.”

Senior film critic Joshua Rothkopf of TimeOutNewYork tweeted, “HEREDITARY is so disquieting, you’ll be gasping for air in the theater.

Utterly believable supernatural horror. There will be no scarier movie this year. If there is, it means we’re in a new golden age. #Sundance”

Freelance film critic Tomris Laffly also took to Twitter stating that Hereditary definitely left its mark. She tweeted, “Hereditary is f’ing TERRIFYING.

I won’t be able to sleep tonight. (Also: I’m a little bit in love with Toni Collette). #Sundance.”

What’s making people lose sleep after they watch this mind gripping horror film? The disturbing plot of one fucked up family that learns it has not only inherited the genes of their ancestors but their demons as well.

The film focuses on the Graham family, who attend their estranged grandmother’s funeral when the plot begins to unfold.

While Annie (Toni Collette), Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and their teenage son, Peter (Alex Wolff), are remarkably untouched by the death of their grandmother, the late grande dame still has an evil hold on  Annie and Steve’s daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro).

Yeah, definitely getting some demonic child vibes from this flick.

Scissors GIF by A24 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Especially after hearing what Charlie asked her mother Annie in the trailer,

“Who will look after me after you die?”

There’s a daunting promise that Hereditary will haunt your legacy too and this movie will probably go down as this years must see horror flick.

Hereditary is set to be realeased on June 8 in the US. Until then I suggest you watch the fluffiest and non terrifying films because once you watch this flick there is no going back to a regular life.

We suggest you watch it with the lights on.