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YL drops new visuals for ‘Heat Wave’ off latest project Open 24

Off of his latest project, Open 24, YL blesses us with his visuals for “Heat Wave.”

Watch as YL takes you on a journey to a new lyrical dimension all on a crisp and hypnotic piano loop.

Although the song is called “Heat Wave” it seems as if YL wanted to keep it cool, calm, and collected for this video. Directed by Derek Balarezo, the video depicts YL creating music in the Open 24 producer Roper Williams‘ basement.

The video definitely oozes an old soul vibe. You can see an antique cinematic touch as the film flickers. The video switching from scenes of old trophies, dusty ceramic dolls, and used sports equipment makes you feel like you are right there in the basement with YL as he creates.

Watch as the NYC lyricist shuffles through records from the likes of  Weldon Irvine, plays to the tune of “Heat Wave” on an old organ, and fiddles around with his MPC.

While putting the finishing touches on a beat he was creating, YL, closes the video with the lyrics “NY reppin’, YL keep em’ guessing.”

The scene then transitions to a dangling firefighter medallion, a miniature statue of St. Mary, and YL rocking an Aime Leon Dore sweatshirt while standing in front of a cluttered basement backdrop.

Definitely something worth watching, hopefully we can see more videos from the NYC native. They’ll be a much more to come as YL said that he’s working on a new project that will be dropping by the end of year.