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Louis Vuitton is selling custom belts online like Nike ID or some shit

Earlier this week Louis Vuitton was recognized as the best fashion brand in the world.

Ranking as the 19th biggest company, behind juggernauts like Google and Apple, Louis Vuitton’s financial and cultural significance put it above other fashion brands like Gucci and Burberry.

Coming off their recent Supreme collab, the LV brand is doing big things. In an unusual turn of events, LV has announced a new option for one of their most popular items.

As part of their “Make It Yours” campaign, the French company has released customizable LV belts. Traditionally restricted styles to individual belts are no more.

Their new “My LV Belt” service allows clients to mix and match different designs for the perfect belt. 14 leather strap options and 12 new buckle styles as well as exotic skin options make the possibilities endless.

With rappers making the LV belt popular, this new iteration is bound to blow up. Everyone in the hood wants a Louis Vuitton belt even if it’s like half your rent. With this announcement get ready to see some creative ass belts outside.

In the promo video for the belts you can see a bunch of different options for the design. This isn’t the only item for the brand’s “Make It Yours” campaign, also giving the option for custom watches.

Though still in the same vein as the belt the watch, has a bit less customizable options. This service allows for different straps but is restricted to the Tambour watch model.

Louis Vuitton isn’t the best fashion brand in the world for no reason.

With this new addition to their popular line of accessories the company is bound to see excitement surrounding its release.

Although it’s expensive as shit LV is also fly as shit and who am I to ever tell someone they shouldn’t strive to be as fresh and unique as possible.