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Curren$y shows why he’s the most consistent rapper in the game with ‘Parking Lot Music’

It’s hard to think of anyone who has had a more comfortable hold on their career than Curren$y.

At will, he can put out whatever he wants whenever he wants. Promo or no promo, no matter. His sound and fanbase is solid.

It’s what you reap after three different labels and seven years of underground releases before even making your official debut.

Last week on March 28th, we saw the effect of Curren$y’s much appreciated career again as he, after failing to come through on his March 16th promise to release his 9th studio album Back at Bernies, released the EP Parking Lot Music instead, going number one in iTunes hip/hop rap category in one day.

The nine-track mixtape is light on features, enlisting only Casey Veggies, E-40 and Ty Dolla $ign, but captures his signature sound to the letter. It’s almost as if he was sitting on this body of work in case of emergency, it’s as cohesive as they come top to bottom.

This makes Curren$y’s second studio album of the year following his February 24th release, The Spring Collection and further shows the power of consistency.

He released a project every month in 2016 and kept that pace up for a good part of 2017, too. It’s why he can sell out shows, why he fanbase sticks with him and why he can appear on your iTunes charts seemingly out of nowhere with no real spotlight promotion.

I think the lesson we learn from Curren$y is the value in making music for yourself — or doing whatever you passion is for you. By way of simply making the music he loves, he’s amassed a following of individuals who, for the most part, like the same things.

Often times people feel like they need everyone to like them for them to make impact or to “be on,” when really, you just need the right people. Your people.

Parking Lot Music is a perfect holdover for his highly anticipated Weekend at Bernies sequel. If you haven’t checked it out, do so below.