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Why SZA’s new CTRL NFT is leaving us awestruck

The first lady of Top Dawg Entertainment, SZA, carries quite the story from within. SZA’s debut album, CTRL, let loose all of the entanglements and situationships that have arisen throughout her time spent on this beautiful planet.

SZA’s magnificence radiates shapeshifting aura, blossoming truths, and an uncanny ability to tap into what makes her wholesome. 

SZA’s CTRL NFT brings back raw memories

Recently, SZA teamed up with American Express to release an NFT to commemorate her first album. Previously, these two combined forces to put on quite an incredible show titled, “Unstaged.”

14 in-depth photographs from the event have been released in NFT form at $100 a pop. Cryptocurrency payments are not accepted as AMEX aims to increase accessibility.

top dawg entertainment
Credit: R/GA

Revisiting this album has not been the easiest process for the Top Dawg Entertainment superstar.

Considering the weight that it carries, SZA’s CTRL record proves to be extremely emotional, impactful, and full of gratitude. Immortalizing CTRL in NFT form provides new meaning and causes unpacking from the times it was recorded. 

Major players within financial industry support this project

The machine behind this process goes by the name of Fanaply. It has previously sold digital collectibles at Coachella in 2019.

Fanaply is eco-friendly and stores its NFT servers on Ethereum. This specific server represents user-friendly accessibility and a layer 2 solution. Fanaply thrives as a proprietary system that reduces the impact of energy consumption.

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Credit: R/GA

Back in 2018, American Express Service Related Travel Co Inc. filed a patent for a blockchain proof-of-payment system. Its unwavering ability to stay on top of things proves that the company is adapting with the times. This patent automation proves that payloads may be encrypted through blockchain nodes. 

AMEX refuses to get glossed over in this new era of cryptocurrency

American Express exists upon a larger platform titled the Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium. This ledger-based framework receives oversight from the Linux Foundation.

Together with Linux and ColdBank AMEX released its first cryptocurrency – MetaCoin a few years back. Some of their use cases are titled Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, and Hyperledger Grid.

top dawg entertainment
Credit: R/GA

Above all else, American Express has proved that it is here to embrace the blockchain rather than fall behind and lose business. Its exclusive program provides desirable perks for customers, novelty features, and reward programs. By adding a layer of exclusivity, AMEX hopes to generate trades, increase user interaction, and curate what it likes to call, “souvenir magic.”

Certainly, this company possesses momentum and durability within the online NFT space. It is paving the way for traditional finance firms and becoming even more of a behemoth in financial industry sectors.