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A little TOO REAL: 6 games with the dopest graphics at E3 2018

E3 2018 is ramping up and that means new game releases to get hyped about, and most importantly, we get to see the graphics of games being released soon.

It’s safe to say that our eyes will be glued to the screen as we are playing these immersive games, that will have you wanting to binge playing during all your free time this summer.

This year we’re looking at some of the most visually stunning games to have ever been created so far. With the updated release of consoles like the Xbox One X, characters are literally coming to life. Here are some games that we think you should be looking out for as E3 goes on.

Fallout 76

Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4, is coming back with Fallout 76. The game takes place in 2102, the Reclamation day which was 25 years after the bombs fell that leave the player in the post-apocalyptic world that is no longer recognizable.

You can either team up with other players to conquer the landscape or go solo — the choice is yours. Another thing that sets this game apart is the ability to build anywhere on the map and be able to take it with you using the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform or C.A.M.P for short.

You play as a soldier that is placed into a bunker and tasked with rebuilding society, and not only the buildings but restoring people hope in the world once more after such a cataclysmic event.

The game has amazing graphics to top it off which make the gameplay look very real and fluid. It is definitely a title you should go cop.

The Division 2

The Division 2 continues where The Division left off except the graphics have drastically improved compared to the first game. The game takes place in Washington D.C., one of the safest places in America — or so they thought.

After an unknown virus wreaks havoc upon the city, D.C. is left in ruins and total anarchy ensues as regular everyday citizens are forced to arm and defend themselves. Urban Warfare consumes the every city street in this epic shooter.

However, there is still hope. Agents of the Division are fighting against enemies that seek to control and take advantage of America while it is at its weakest. As a player, it is your job to prevent these enemies from taking over.

The game has a wide area of weapons that you can pick and choose from and you can switch weapons on the fly making it easier to deal with different enemies.

The insane graphics make the gameplay even more immersive, from bullets whizzing by your character, to the massive explosions that constantly happen.

There is also a multiplayer aspect that allows you to either play solo or play with a group of friends. The game is definitely breathtaking and worth playing.

Jump Force

Bandai Namco is back on the scene with Jump Force, a shonen jump themed fighter that brings together fighters from different animes.

Jump Force is a game that many anime fans have been asking for with all your favorite anime characters in one huge fighting game.

Arguments that anime fans that have had for years over which anime character is the strongest can finally be settled on the sticks.

The game has amazing graphics and the combat is surprisingly fluid as each character has been created with impeccable detail.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is a game that really blurs the line between reality and gaming. From the graphics to the character design and the beautiful environment that the game takes place in, the game looks ultra realistic.

DL2 takes place in a struggling city that is being plagued by all types of zombies and night creatures. You must battle to acquire basic resources like food and water while there are also combatting factions that try to assert their influence and everything.

It is up to the player which faction that they want to align with and through those decisions that they decide to make they change the way the city operates entirely.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a game that has such realistic graphics you will be shocked. The visual effects that they used in this title are just breathtaking to say the least and help immerse you into the game as you progress through it.

This is an action game that is set in an open world that has multiplayer as well. You play as Sam who ends up dying and is sent to some type of alternate dimension or upside down world and has to return to the world of the living.

Real crazy shit.

Crackdown 3

The Crackdown series is still going strong with the over the top graphics and crazy gameplay that gets better the more you level up the skills of your character.

You play as a soldier whose job is to take out dangerous criminal organizations throughout the city except you are no regular soldier. As you progress in the game you can upgrade attributes like strength to the point where you can leap up on to buildings in literally one jump and be able to pick up huge vehicles with complete ease.

Crackdown 3 has added some new elements to by adding vehicles like a car that can travel up walls as well as a tank that has a large amount of destructive power.

This game looks absolutely amazing and with its new graphics will definitely have entertaining gameplay that will keep you hooked all summer long.