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Take the real online college course inspired by the film ‘Get Out’

A class, titled, “The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror”, taught by author Tananarive Due at UCLA, explores the placement of the Black horror movie genre in a dystopian society.

The unique course also takes a whole new look at the appropriation of Black culture and the survival of a Black person in a racist society

In fact, the class was so lit, that last October, Jordan Peele surprised college students taking the UCLA course inspired by his critically acclaimed movie Get Out. 

These are the kind of classes the world needs. Especially since the Hollywood Foreign Press can’t seem to tell the difference between a musical, comedy, or a horror film.

Sheesh, they really dropped the ball by placing Get Out in the wrong category at the Golden Globes this year.

The fact that one of the dopest movies of 2017 got snubbed proves that more people need to be educated about the “Sunken Place.”

Say no more, Prof. Due and Dark Dream Productions are doing just that — taking the course outside of UCLA and making it available to the masses.

Fuck a college enrollment portal, ju heard. If you’re interested in taking the course there is a six-part public webinar that is now accessible for the extreme low.

At an early bird price of $348.00, new “Sunken Place” students will not only have access to live streamed lectures but a bonus screenwriting course as well.

This is perfect for aspiring creatives looking to get into the Black horror film sector. This is the same class gave UCLA students a completely new perspective on film.

In UCLA student newspaper, The Daily Burn, one student spoke on the course, she said,

“In my writing, poetry, and acting, I tend to steer away from horror because I thought horror was a sector not meant for African-Americans, given that most of the time black characters don’t even make it to the end of the movie… After seeing ‘Get Out,’ I knew it was a genre that could be tapped into and the course gives me the opportunity to expand on that.”

Does this sound like a class that you would be interested in taking? Then sign up now and become aware of the sunken place.