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King of Collabs: Why Pharrell is the most versatile artist of our generation

Who’s the GOAT? Yours should be someone who’s truly versatile. For me, it is Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell has blessed us with his artistry for a quarter of a century. His music has inspired us, and his movement has touched our hearts.

He can do it all. This includes wining 10 Grammys. At one point Williams produced 43 percent of the songs that were playing on American radio.

Williams uses his talents in special ways. His influence helps others. Within his lane Pharrell has helped craft clothing made from recycled plastic and inspired a whole line dedicated to starting a conversation about endangered species.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pharrell has also started his own foundation I AM OTHER. The company is a cultural movement dedicated to thinkers, innovators, and outcasts.

All of Pharrell’s artistic and social endeavors are under this umbrella company. The most heart warming is his non-profit organization From One Hand To AnOTHER.

The organization is dedicated to providing educational tools needed for the future success of disadvantaged children.

The best part is he just did a benefit concert in Charlottesville along with other GOATS. At the “Concert for Charlottesville” Williams, Stevie Wonder, the Roots, and Dave Matthews Band all took a stand against President Trump by kneeling during the Charlottesville benefit concert.

This was in protest to Cheeto Jesus’ most recent comments regarding Colin Kaepernick.

Truly remarkable. This man truly holds the title as the King of Collabs.

Have you realized why he is truly the GOAT? Not yet? That’s ok. After watching the video you’ll come to your senses.