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Kanye plays God for Easter Sunday Service at Coachella and it was hot

Ye’s clout might have come into question, again, after what went down at his Easter Sunday Service at Coachella.

Pitchfork called Ye’s performance atop a grassy California mountain “A Sacrilegious Mess.” Plus, Twitter fingers unveiled performance hiccups and the blasphemous cost of Kanye’s “Sunday Service” apparel.

Yet, I still feel like that shit was hot. Everything was straight heat. The fact that this man convinced Coachella that he would do his performance on top of a mountain like when Jesus read the Beatitudes is unheard of.

Another firey moment, he made us watch the whole thing through a peephole. Most hated it but it’s creative moments like this we live for. Not to mention the merch. Yeah, he sold church socks for $50 but stop hating you wish you had thought of that first.

What about the dookie brown “Holy Spirit” sweaters selling for $225? Or the t-shirts going for $70 a pop? Stop acting like the church hasn’t been robbing society of their coin for centuries fam. Pull up to the Vatican, you’ll see the pope has nuns flipping rosaries like candy and for the racks too.

Don’t play yourself. You know that no matter how much hate for Kanye has festered in your musical soul, deep down, you still love what he does. From the purple Flintstone vitamin fit to missing a lyric while performing “All Falls Down,” we all should’ve loved Yeezus’ Easter Sunday Service performance at Coachella.

This performance was a musical blessing and historical. Even if you didn’t like it we bet this was the first thing you and the homies talked about when you dapped it up. In fact, everyone is talking about “the performance,” all around the world. In the end, isn’t that the whole purpose of what Kanye did anyway.

Furthermore, if people aren’t talking about how shitty or good Ye did at Coachella this year, they’re definitely talking about the new track he dropped at the end of his two-hour set.

Titled “Water” the song features a high pitched singing Kanye, is accompanied by a gospel choir, and features collaborator Ant Clemons . This is definitely an early morning shower track or maybe your new alarm. Either way, it’s something that sticks.

Keep going Kanye and keep inspiring us, fam. We know about your back peddling but it’s even better to know that you are making a move towards redemption.