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Who is Chris King? The Cali rapper dropping heat with Trippie Redd

On his snotty shit, Chris King runs through the ville with a Backwood in one hand and a rack in the other. Ultimately, his natural skill to fluctuate between auto-tune and built-up aggression in his 16’s keep the fans on the edge.

Even if he’s up at the break of dawn with a Squirtle durag on — the MC tends to make more waves than the famous Pokémon. Moreso he takes a daily dosage of laughter to get through the day. Yet the most intriguing quality of Chris King is that he’s always two steps ahead.

After all, life is about choices and for him, it’s about making the right one.

Originally from Fontana, California, Chris King knew the code of a dope dealer earlier on. At 10-years-old, he watched his own father get incarcerated for selling drugs. Still, he refused to be another statistic. Chris King was going to build his own empire through the means of rapping and entrepreneurship.

Growing up, King would often listen to reggae — his father was a part of a reggae group so it was only right. Rapping just came easy to him and so King decided to go with it.

Alongside Milo, Chris King formed the rap group, 2 Much, where he was labeled as the “Bobby Brown” of the group due to his rebellious nature. However, the group split because they both wanted to do solo work.

After going their separate ways, King received a $2 million deal with Interscope. While Milo transitioned into a coordinator, one of the members received a deal in London and the other sought for a new adventure.

Fast forward to when Chris King slid into Trippie Redd’s DMs and now Trippie is one of his go-to collaborators. Off the rip, it was nothing but great vibes for the two. But it really set off once Trippie Redd expressed that he really liked his work.

Eventually, Chris King met Rocket while working at a store “Dope” on Fairfax. Thus, creating 1400 Gang — a trio that’s compromised of ruthless rhymes and keeping the same all-around energy. Then Chris King created Snotty Nose Mafia, his common phrase that reflects on how one carries themselves. For him, it’s a way of life.

Since then Chris King has released 4 albums and multiple singles. From his 2015 project Leonardo Di’Trappio to his recent album LUCK OF THE SNOTTY along with his single “Stuck in My Ways” ft. Trippie Redd — Chris King shows us why he’s the best thing to come out of the 92336.

Though his commanding delivery in each album can’t be ignored, Chris King’s ultimate power is being real while throwing in the punches.

Take the first track off of Leonardo Di’Trappio for instance, “Open the Pit!/Headshot,” lets the high energy rip through the dominant tone in his bars. Claiming that he’s been a trendsetter, Chris King shows off flair.

Not only does he have fun with creating memorable punchlines like, “Check out the drip and absorb it,” or “I get the heads and tails/That’s what I coined it,” but he picks an eerie beat to remind the listener why he’s so unstoppable.

Overall, the piano chord is enough to give one shrills but the pattern of hi-hats get the blood flowing.

Ballhog” focuses on his auto-tune ability (which I might add is just too smooth).

Basically, Chris King speaks on how he’s just trying to mind his with the slimes and stack up. However, Chris King’s status in the game comes with the price. An example of the meaning can be seen in these two lines

“I’m too damn good with it/I’m good long as my crew with it/I’m like pass me the ball,” and “Money on my mind, pocket full o cash/Wanna whip it in the booth/Trying not to crash Trying not to get distracted from cameras/Paparazzi lights flash/Goddamn, goddamn, can’t a n-gga kick/Let a n-gga splash like Ron and damn.”

And even though Chris King’s words could make your skin crawl. The real enhancer is the low register of the piano & daunting 808.

LUCK OF THE SNOTTY shows a quick-tempered Chris King who doesn’t have time for the B.S. Not once does he bite his tongue and that’s why this album is well respected.

“Stuck In My Ways” ft Trippie Redd reflects on a bad break-up.

Although he’s sad that the relationship is over — Chris King refuses to change how he is. As Trippie Redd cries out,

“Shorty don’t play games with me (games with me) I don’t do Moet pop some champagne with me (champagne with me)/She know if she want it/It ain’t a thing to me (thing to me)/Yeah, but it’s so sad because it’s over/So sad because its over yeah.”

Chris King taps into his auto-tune to speak about his altered reality. At most, the melody is soft and uses a muffled base. In unison, the kick-drum and hi-hats go over the lyrics so others can envision a broken heart.

With this in mind, “T H E W O R L D iS Y O U R S !” goes for the kill. The beat still has a way of crawling up your skin but the lyrics give the song a higher meaning.

Ultimately, Chris King tells all to take control of their lives. Still, he lets loose on some things he’s experienced. The world is for keeps, so make it happen. There isn’t such thing as hesitation and it’ll keep going around.

In any event, Chris King is a fire you can’t put out. On occasion, he’ll simmer it down by auto-tuning his feels for a girl. Still, Chris King likes to match his lyrics and beat selection with certain tonalities so the message can get across.

It’s no surprise that he’s blown up. With all those flame emojis in his comments, Chris King is sure to bring the wrath!