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Who is Chima Anya? The medical doctor prescribing lyrics for therapy

London-based Chima Anya is a rapper whose music carries a powerful message. And he just hopes the listeners get it. To keep things interesting, Anya often uses a bouncy yet laid-back flow over jazzy, funky, or R&B-type beats.

Instead of rapping about materialistic things, like most rappers do these days, Anya uses his gift of gab to drop PSAs. Themes consist of motivation, self and worldly awareness, spreading love, working hard, staying optimistic, and carrying a fighting spirit.

Coupled with these themes, Anya also speaks about how he’s forever grateful to be where he is today.


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Outside of music, Anya is a medical doctor (GP) in the U.K. and is actively fighting against the Coronavirus outbreak. Pulse Today, the U.K.’s leading publication for medical doctors named Chima as one of “Five True Heroes of General Practice” in 2013 after he penned a diss track to England’s health care reform leaders.


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Anya began creating music over instrumentals that came from CD singles. The first one he spit over was “Love Me” by 112 ft. Ma$e. Shortly after, Anya took it a step further by penning rhymes around the clock.

Eventually, he linked up with some friends from school who were also interested in music, and they all went halfsies on studio time. Although the “Time” rapper can’t remember the first song he made, Anya does remember that it was made on a computer with a £6 mic.

His pop shield was built from a clothes hanger and a pair of tights. Still, hip-hop wasn’t as mainstream in the U.K. as it is today.

“I’d say it meant my music was a bit more eclectic, a bit more left-field spending my adolescent years in Oxford, U.K.,” Anya says about the influence the U.K. had on his musical styling.

“It’s quite a student town, so it had a big alternative hip-hop scene. To be into it, you REALLY had to be into it. One thing led to another, and I ended up heavily invested in the U.K. hip-hop scene.”

Anya continued:

“Being young and impressionable had a real influence on my earlier work. I now dislike this matter because it led me to shun more of my musical side (was more about the BARS). Still, as the years have gone by, I’ve put more and more musicality back into my work.”

Anya finds inspiration from science, Nintendo, Christianity, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Jay Z, M.F. Doom, Nas, Kanye West, The Pharcyde, and The Impressions. Not too long ago, Anya dropped a collaborative project with New Zealand producer SoulChef called No Pressure

Carrying ten tracks, No Pressure is honest, refreshing, and uplifting, according to Anya. Initially, the rapper had songs that he created over SoulChef’s instrumentals, but once Anya realized their uniting theme, he decided to combine them.

Thus No Pressure was born. “I think it was: don’t be afraid, tomorrow, soon, find your way, time, no pressure, available, grateful. So I thought to myself, ‘which words are missing so I could make the song titles a whole sentence?’ And that’s how “You Will” and “Always Be” came about.”

Don’t be afraid (of), Tomorrow, Soon, You Will, Find Your Way. (There is) No Pressure. (stay) Available and Always Be Grateful.

Notable tracks off the album include: “Grateful,”

“Soon,” and “Always Be.”

Chima Anya’sGrateful” upholds the ’90s like R&B beat that carries a soulful harmony, a boom-bap drum, electro synths, and funky keys. Some might even categorize this track as a summer anthem.

The song sees Anya expressing how blessed he is for all the opportunities that have come his way. Before the glitz and glam, Anya had his fair share of doubters and set-backs.

Still, Anya pushed through and is now benefiting from his hard work. He raps, “All these boys always claiming that they’re victims. That shouldn’t stop you. You can make it with persistence. Listen, you could take a horse to the stream. If it doesn’t drink, let it do its own thing. I’m just grateful for the chance.”

In the second verse, Anya addresses some pros and cons in the city, then adds that the “people make it what it is.” Afterward, he tells-all about the fine dining he’s done, the luxurious whips that he’s taken for a spin, and top-notch beverages, saying once more he’s forever thankful.

The music video that accompanies this song shows Anya driving his Ashton Martin in what seems to be a parking lot. He also dons a gray Nike sweatshirt and afro. Amid the song’s bouncy tempo, each scene comes out in a slo-mo fashion. Elsewhere in the video, Anya strikes many poses, and viewers see close shots of his car as well.

Soon” sees Anya encouraging those who feel discouraged and those who are down in the dumps. In turn, Anya assures them that everything will soon be alright. He also advises others to throw the negative thoughts that are holding them back away.

Even if there aren’t immediate results from one’s hard work, the time will come when they’ll get what they’ve hoped and prayed for. During his first verse, Anya raps, “Fear is how the foes distract. Make the goal where your focus at,” which, I can say, motivates me to keep going.

In the second verse, Anya says that when the day comes, they’ll experience a different kind of joy. As the common phrase goes, Good things come to those who wait. “Soon” uses a bluesy type beat that uses a soulful sample, boom-bap drums, and a sweet guitar progression.

Always Be” displays Anya’s way with versatility as he oscillates between a fast and bouncy cadence. Between lyrics, Anya calls out the trend chasers, says what he does isn’t a facade and that he puts his all into the craft.

Rap is life, after all. In like manner, Anya avows to steer clear from rapping about insubstantial things. Instead, he’ll do diligence in providing an impactful message for his listeners. As the song progresses, Anya unveils how “dumbed down” music has affected the modern and future generations.

Still, Anya suspects that moving forward, all clout and finessing will come to an end. The soundscape for “Always Be” is funky to the max! It also carries lively instrumentation, including a sweet piano progression and boom-bap drum.