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Art meets athletics with King Saladeen’s capsule for Champion x Footaction

With autumn just right around the corner, it’s safe to say that it’s #BEARSEASON and on September 1st, contemporary artist King Saladeen and Champion will be dropping a Fall capsule collection online and at 200 selective Footaction stores all over the country.

In case you haven’t peeped, King Saladeen’s iconic bear logo is everywhere these days.

It was actually inspired by his best friend John “JP” Thompson who he lost to cancer. JP was the person who bought King Saladeen his first set of professional art supplies and motivated him to pick up a paintbrush in the first place.

Furthermore, King’s logo has become a symbol for those who dream big and come from nothing. Simply put, a bear will stop at nothing to survive and repping that same strength on clothing will remind anybody to keep on striving.

The contemporary artist’s collaboration with Champion and Footaction for the “Bear Season” collection was “God’s Plan.” After all, Saladeen was a young baller. In fact, he was not only the kid with the ill jumper on his AAU team but he was also designing his squad’s jerseys.

He spoke about how special it was to work with sports apparel brands like Champion and Footaction, not as an athlete, but as a contemporary artist. King Saladeen said,

“What’s crazy is that I was creating things like this thru the ages of 12 to 15. I showed people and people would say, ‘Bro u play ball, what’s this? I was also designing our AAU jerseys not knowing. So, to be [working with Champion and Footaction] in 2018 is all Gods plan, honestly, because this was in my soul while I was young playing basketball at 100 miles an hour.”

With this collection, art meets athletics. It includes pieces like the grey mural crew neck sweatsuit above, which if you swipe left, will uncover the back pocket of the sweatpants which has the bear logo and motivational words like “faith,” “determination,” “teamwork,” and “hard work.”

The black sweatsuit package is also very fly. Both pieces — the hooded pullover sweater, and the tailored sweatpants — bear a strip of graffiti-like art on the front and down the side. The drip is too much!

🎨 New @champion x @kingsaladeen pants drop Saturday!

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Trust that the bear logo makes another appearance on the sleeve of the Red Octobers Signature Series reverse weave hoodie and is accompanied by King Saladeen’s signature of approval on the front underneath a custom, very contemporary, Champion logo.

With all of these dope pieces, the renowned visual artist wants every athlete to know, and every creative to remember, “to have control over your passion.”

King Saladeen, Champion, and Footaction have come together to push the culture forward through the #BEARSEASON collection. For sure, once you put it on, you’ll feel the need to crush whatever it is you are passionate about.

The main purpose of dropping this collection according to the Art King,

“For the young kids and older people with the same motivation to be great. I’m not an art school kid or from a rich family. So this has to be inspiring, knowing that you can make it out, and not rap or play ball, that alone gives hope. All while being fly and clean.”

Make sure you cop A$AP Rocky! This will be the second of three drops from the Champion and King Saladeen camp and the summer collection sold out quick.

So, if you I were you, I would get to clicking here because the only thing worse than not getting what you want is seeing somebody else with what you wanted.