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Fashionista Thania Peck manifested her calling through positivity

One would think that a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has garnered 122K followers on IG would have the kind of attitude that would be hard to mesh with, but for Thania Peck it was quite the contrary.

Upon our first in-person encounter at The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn, NY it was hard not to be blinded by Peck’s radiant vibes. The videographer and I saw her coming down the block and although she was bundled up in fashionable winter gear Peck’s luminescent smile still managed to bring a warmth to the cold Fall morning air.

Her vibration was contagious and she immediately set the tone for a great day and an even better interview. Surrounded by an artful environment you could see Peck’s curiosity take over. Attracted to the works of Maggie Tookmanian, Heidi Lanino, Isaiah King and many more, she couldn’t help but ask the artists questions about their pieces.

Her friendy inquisition was inspiring as she daintily shifted from booth to booth with a coffee in hand and some kind of cheesy scone she allowed me to have a pinch of.


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A day in the life w/ @catcherinthestyle at the Brooklyn art expo courtesy of @kulturehub :: editorial coming soon

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Yet behind this humble and inquisitive fashionista, there was something more — a successful blogger, an acute entrepreneur, trendy philanthropist, and a kindred spirit.

After our day at The Other Art Fair, Peck and I managed to catch up over the phone. She still had the same contagious positive energy and it felt as if I was speaking to an old friend.

Her vibe made me feel socially comfortable as we discussed the #BlackFishing article I happened to be working on before we jumped into questions about going against the norm, the importance of networking, finding your own voice, manifesting abundance, and becoming a mentor.

“You can only fail by not doing stuff…”

For Peck, who is now based in Williamsburg, BK, it wasn’t easy telling her parents who immigrated from the ‘City of Gold,’ that she wanted to shift gears. So she took a leap of faith, withdrew from college while majoring in molecular bio, and turned her focus towards what would become

Still, she was dedicated to creating something of her own. From a young age, she knew that she had a vision and was willing to put in the work to make her vision become a reality.

She stressed that when you are creating you can’t depend on the opinions of others to succeed. Fuck the negative friends. Lock-in and accomplish your goals. Peck jumped into the blogging world with a small background in finance but managed to stay afloat by rolling with the trends.

Yes, she started with only a fist full of dollars but belief in her brand generated currency.

She communicated to me that when she first made her company goals she wanted to write about luxury brands but include a thoughtful and charitable twist. In the beginning, Peck crafted a list of brands she wanted to collaborate with. As a result, her organic branding approach became a welcoming taste by designers and other “catchers” of fashion alike.

“My website was created off the book that really changed my life, Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caufield walked to the beat of his own drum and I feel like we’re all misfits. Obviously, I dropped out of college, decided to be creative and, took that risk… To me, everyone is a catcher of style”

Thus far, the style blogger has worked with multiple brands and organizations. From Vogue, W Hotels, and Refinery 29 to FindyourgrindThe Young and Brave Foundation, and Slide Ranch; there’s no stopping Peck from reaching the goal of spreading her positive vibes all over the world.

Peck’s focus is unmatchable and to get to where she is today she honed in on her manifestations. She stressed to me that if you want more money it’s good to focus on abundance. If you want to be more positive get rid of the negativity and invite more positive people in your life.

She also explained to me that she rid her vocabulary of certain words like ‘don’t’ and ‘hope.’ Peck finds these words irritating because they do, in a way, put you in a box. She said,

“The idea that you have an abundance is going to make you manifest more positive ideas because you are moving your thoughts in the right direction. Practice positive thinking and don’t say ‘Oh, yeah I’m in this space right now.’ THIS SPACE IS NOT PERMANENT, EVER! If you’re in a positive or negative space, that space can be replaced, right?”

Pay attention to the everyday things that you can change in your life that will make your existence more fruitful. Yes, you may fall on hard times but know that you are running the ship.

In a world, where our mental health has become a main topic of discussion, Peck stressed that it’s important to know how to use the word ‘NO.’ Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to just chill and as the young stylish blogger said it’s healthy to remind yourself that, “You’re doing good.”

Kidz ‘R EViL

She reflected on a time when she mentored a teenage girl. Peck illustrated to me that,

“You get to have a choice in making yourself a victim or making yourself a succesful boss…”

It’s very clear that Peck is true to self and that she epitomizes that through her brand.  To her, “each day is a positive step in the right direction” and for the young creatives, bloggers, and fashionistas on the come up, she wants you to know,

“Be your true authentic self. If you don’t know who you are, then get back to the drawing board and figure that shit out. Also, I don’t believe in ‘fake it until you make it.’ I believe in, ‘you work your fucking ass off and you will get there’ because that is your life and you’re committed to it…”

Make sure to keep up with Peck as she conquers the world. Trust, that we’ll be following her as she tackles negative vibes, head on, all while looking fly as hell. Love yourself!

Kidz ‘R EViL