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14 years later, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival still brings the culture back to BK

My first-time experience at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival was classic.

Streaming live on Tidal, Brooklyn Bodega’s 14th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival drew thousands of fans. The day-long concert was hosted by veterans, Torae and Uncle Ralph MC Daniels, who recently celebrated 35 years of Video Music Box.

The masses turned out from all over to celebrate. It was kicked off with amazing talent, but when Latasha took to the Mic, she asked, “Brooklyn, I am the only female on this bill?!? Come on!” Kerim The DJ also drummed his way on and off the stage, killing it with turntables and drumsticks simultaneously.


Statik Selektah said he took three planes to get back to Brooklyn and could not come on stage alone without some people. He brought out special guests CJ Fly, Terminology, MOP’s Lil Fame and Coney Island’s own Nems, who bodied the stage.

The Finisher Mister Cee also had a rememberable set shakin’, Brooklyn, like he always does. He said, “You’re never too old to show your age!“ His record selection was iconic and precise as always. Sky Zoo blessed the stage with Sean Taylor on horn amplifying Brooklyn Bridge Park with infused jazz and hip-hop.

Pharomonch and his DJ, the newest Heavy Hitter DJ, X-Factor, and DJ Boogie Blind took to stage and rocked out! During Pharoahe Monch’s set, Organized Confusion reunited and blessed the stage.

While Brooklyn was jumping up and down, Mister Cee was prepping for his second DJ set of the day next to Blind, and halfway through Pharoahe Monch’s set, Cee actually fainted. Paramedics responded immediately on stage. Cee shook it off like the finisher he is and rocked his second set properly.

Black Star ended the night Brooklyn Style! Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli hit the stage and defined the definition of Hip-hop for those who forgot. Bottom line, nobody can do it better, and all of Brooklyn felt it.


Besides being asked to move from the photo-pit before Black Star final act, I have to say, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival was fire. The á la carte of good vendors was slamming, including the Monster Drinks Spin-art Booth, a classic experience.

Plain and simple, BK Hip-Hop Festival is definitely top 5 in NYC!