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Spice up Zoom chats with these tips to keep your squad entertained AF

While many of us are settling into some sort of quarantine routine, as social creatures we can begin to feel emotionally empty without any meaningful interaction.

You may have already started to explore options on how to stay in touch with the squad and maybe you’ve even exhausted a few– you can only play iMessage cup pong so many times before it gets stale.

For sure, your social distancing squad activity needs an update. So here’s a list of some other things you can do to keep your social distancing video chats entertaining.

Do your daily morning check-ins

Group chats are a big way to stay in touch while social distancing. But of course, it’s important to make crucial decisions when creating them. You need people who will actually interact or someone to keep the vibes going.

That person could be you, just make sure to post up every morning and ask how people are doing.

Get weird with apps like HouseParty

You may have already heard of this one, but use video chatting apps that allow you to play games with others.

These apps provide a perfect space for your entertaining Zoom chats to turn into something really awesome. There you can pick teams, convene collectively to choose the perfect game for your squad to play, or even set up some savage rules.

With apps like HouseParty you can play trivia with a bunch of decks, a version of Pictionary, and other interactive group games. Like many group activities, the more participants the better, because it can get old if you play with the same person just a few times.

Start doing private vlogs

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You’ve probably heard that phrase a billion times and you probably know exactly how to do your classic skincare routine or apartment tour. So, why not use that knowledge for a low-stakes vlog with the homies?

You can even use TikTok in a private setting and try your hand at content with a built-in little audience, who knows maybe you’ll discover you all might be a new squad of YouTubers.

IG Live with a friend

This one you can do with just one friend if you’re okay with limited control. Many Lives are just hangout sessions others can be entertaining AF. And a Zoom chat is a perfect place to brainstorm topics to discuss before taking your conversation to the world.

Plan an activity for you and your friend to keep it interesting, like a mini cooking show or a tarot card reading, or discussion of the latest binge-able TV show. It really can go anywhere based on your mutual interests.

You can even go the extra step and brand yourselves and have a daily or weekly “show.”

Play the linger game

This is another very low stakes activity.

The point of the game is to always be last to end a video call. Sounds simple but sometimes that’s all you need to get some hilarious experiences. And if you have competitive friends it works way better.

Get a Netflix Party going

Think Movie/TV night while social distancing and don’t be afraid to leave the comfort of your Zoom chat. Or stay connected and chat it up over video while watching some epic shit.

Netflix Party existed before ‘Rona but never before has it meant this much. The set up is easy to follow and you send out links to your “party” to get people to join the viewing. There’s a live text option as well so you can all “quietly” discuss crazy theories and react to plot twists in real-time.

Use your imagination and travel the world

Many might not know this but there is a share screen option on every Zoom session. This allows us to go beyond a movie night, to visit a different country or city each week. This obviously doesn’t include any travel, except the imaginary kind.

You can keep it simple by picking a movie related to your destination or you can go all out and create meals, a playlist, and even virtual museum tours for you all to experience in tandem.

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t create positive memories with the people you love.