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Gucci discontinues $890 Blackface turtleneck, happy #BHM y’all

Fashion house Gucci hit Twitter with an apology yesterday morning in regards to an $890 wool balaclava jumper that had a design all too similar to that of blackface. It’s like what is “really good” with these clothing companies?

We all know that there is some kind of team dedicated to catching ish like this before it hits shelves. Like, did no one say ‘hmm, maybe a black turtleneck sweater that pulls over the bottom half of someone’s face with red lips around the mouth, might just be a little bit too crazy!?’

Of course not, even though Gucci, in their tweeted apology said, “We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected, and at the forefront of every decision we make.”

Newsflash, I don’t believe you. Gucci, I just don’t. How could I? Only one week into a  month (shortest month of the year) where Black people are actually appreciated you go and pull something like this.

Not to mention, all the crap that’s going on with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and his racist ass. It seems as if “unintentional racism” is something you can just apologize for and move on.

It’s just not that simple. These incidents leave scars and are printed in the minds of millions if not billions of people. It changes perspectives, in a bad way, especially when removing an item off shelves and tweeting an apology seems to be the cure.

Prada did it with their blackfaced monkey like figurines displayed in a Manhattan storefront, H&M did it with their “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” t-shirt, and now Gucci has done it with their $890 blackface turtleneck.

It’s straight disrespect to our face, our race, and our legacy. When will the world finally understand that you cannot continue to do stuff like this? It’s honestly the worst thing for our mental health.

Here’s my suggestion – start fining brands that “accidentally” release racist clothing. It’s like c’mon how do you not know what you are doing?  Now, here are some Tweets about the racist blackface turtleneck that will get you even more tight.