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Should wealthy people give up the bag or continue to give advice?

Wealthy advice, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

Rich people giving middle and lower class people advice on how to make big moves. We’re tired of the tone-deaf “advice” from rich people. That’s why we dub wealthy advice.  Those who really wanna help those less fortunate do so with all their resources.

Juicy J recently tweeted in reaction to Tyler Perry’s buying a huge amount of land and building a fully functional filming studio. People did not respond with praise.

Why this ‘wealthy advice’ is frustrating

Even after starting from nothing, once celebs end up gaining wealth they forget what it was like at the bottom. They think everyone has a couple of M’s to invest, some racks to spend on buying property, or access to business starting funds. And what’s more, they think middle and lower class people aren’t making these moves because they’re either ignorant or lazy.

There are too many wealthy people thinking they know better. We’ve seen videos of millionaires not knowing the cost of basic grocery store items. It might be funny to watch but it’s also abhorrent that someone has so much wealth that they literally don’t know how much things cost.

We’ve seen celebs take down photos of an insane amount of wealth after backlash. Kylie Jenner posted her $3 million dollar Bugatti on social media after her split with Travis Scott. Of course, we weren’t having that gross display of wealth when there’s so much that money could do to help those in need.

So she ended up taking it down.

Be the change you wanna see

People are tired of wealthy people giving them useless advice. If celebs and wealthy people really want to help they can take a page out of Nipsey’s book. They can invest in the community like Killer Mike. Furthermore, wealthy celebs can help educate minds like NoName.

Rich people can do more than talk.

Because people who work three jobs don’t need to wake up, they need some rest and support.