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Which is best: a land-based casino or an online casino?

Since online casinos began operating in the mid-1990s, they have grown considerably. Today, more and more people are playing casino games like blackjack and roulette on the web, while the land-based casino industry is declining in many parts of the world.

But does that mean online casinos are better than brick-and-mortar ones? Both types of casinos have their advantages. So, let us take a closer look at how the two compare.

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The Advantages of Online Casinos

When you get home after a stressful workday, it can help to switch off. Many people play online casino games to do just that. Unless they happen to live next door to a casino, it would be impossible for them to access casino games immediately after work if there were no such things as internet games.

So, online casino games certainly bring convenience to players. Indeed, with the take-off of smartphones over the last decade, people can now play casino games anytime and anyplace. Land-based casinos simply cannot compete when it comes to the flexibility, accessibility, and convenience of online casinos.

Many people say land-based casinos are better because you get to socialize with other people. But online casinos are becoming more sociable and more like brick-and-mortar casinos all the time. In recent years, internet live casinos have become the newest big thing.

On platforms like Casumo live casino, which is accessible in many countries from Sweden to Australia, players get to play their favorite games in real-time with actual human croupiers in a studio. Sometimes players can interact with each other at live casinos too.

Another advantage of online casinos is players have access to more special offers and loyalty bonuses. Online casinos are able to provide more incentives than land-based casinos because the latter have a lot more overheads, such as rent, staff, amenities, and so on.

The Advantages of Land-based Casinos

While it is true that online casinos are becoming much more interactive and sociable, they will never be quite the same as actual, real-life casinos where you get to meet new people in the flesh, roam around the floor, order a drink, and take in the sounds, scents, and atmosphere of the environment.

Often, visiting a land-based casino is not only about playing the games on offer, any more than going out to a restaurant is all about the food. People who enjoy going out on the town and mingling with people will always enjoy brick-and-mortar casinos the most. However, that does not mean they cannot enjoy playing casino games online as well.

A further advantage of land-based casinos is you have more time to think before placing bets. That can help to prevent you from spending more than you can afford. Whether you play games at an online casino or a land-based casino, you should always only play with an amount of money that you can afford and stick to your limit. But at a land-based casino, you arguably have more time to consider your position and make the right decisions.

The other great thing about visiting brick-and-mortar casinos is you get to contribute to the local economy. With online casinos, it is very unlikely you will find a local one. So, if you want to give back to the community around you, consider visiting your nearest casino.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is room for both online casinos and land-based casinos. While the industries may often be in competition with one another, as a player of casino games, two types of casinos do not have to compete.

You can enjoy the exciting atmosphere in the flesh by visiting your local land-based casino for special nights out and still play games online at other times.

Is there enough room in global sports betting for Gen-Z and Millennials?

Boxing and horse-racing are historical landmarks for avenues in which crowds throw their money, but recently other lucrative sports have picked up steam too.

Sports betting has always been popular in American and Canadian
circles. In general, betting is a very ancient activity that has been around for thousands of years.

It is now legal to bet on the NFL, NBA, and MLB, among other leagues, and the revenue that betting mediums and smart gamblers are making is nothing short of ludicrous. And it’s only going to go up.

The global influence that America has is well-covered, in entertainment particularly. Much of this is due to the youth, Generation Z and Millenials.

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The latest example of this is in betting, as Generation Z is coming of age into a world where the regulations on sports betting aren’t what they once were. The youth understands that if their money is placed wisely, it can multiply.

Specifically, with the NBA, young fans gravitate to the league because of its flashy style and relationship with social media. The NFL is a staple in American culture and its popularity will not soon die down.

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and its wide-ranging popularity will make clear how big sports betting is going to become on an international scale.

For now, domestically, USBets reported in 2018 that 43 percent of men age 25 to 34 who watch sports on TV put down a bet on a game at least once a week.

Fourteen percent of Millenial women in that age group put down a bet in that same criteria. Generation Z and Millenials are the ones leading the charge in sports betting, and not just in America.

Photo source: Pexel

Canada is a country that frowned upon gambling in its past. However, recently, the country has decreased its regulations on sports betting, and the effects are sure to be felt in a short time.

Just like how states have different laws and regulations for gambling in the U.S., Canada’s provinces have different rules when it comes to sports betting. The majority of provinces are not too strict with their regulations.

Sports betting is bigger than the U.S., and it is bigger than all of North America. The global implications that one country’s investment in the industry has on others cannot be understated, and it is clear that companies in Canada and the U.S. are setting themselves up for lucrative payoffs in the future.

Mostly, the whole wave is being started by the younger generations, Generation Z and Millenials. Gambling is no science, but the opportunities within sports betting right now are massive for the short-term and long-term.

In the end, broke money doesn’t make money.