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Straight outta Brooklyn: 8 emcees representing their blocks the right way

Home of the cut-throats — Brooklyn is a populous area that carries many souls on the wring of its neck. Worldly known for its unity, Brooklyn’s people are open to passing genuine love forward.

In fact, they all know that support goes a long way. Still, tourists shouldn’t go so far as to call their bluff. They’re more about actions and less concerned with words. Now, the 10 artists mentioned prove the theory of “all work and no play.”

On a mission to get a bag, they don’t stop until they can bring one home. And let’s just say they’ve brought home armfuls. In honor of Brooklyn’s rise to fortune, here’s a list of complex MC’s who started off with a dollar and dream.

Jimi Tents

Jimi Tents is so East New York confidential. “Below The Surface” of his rhymes are a slick entendre that tie in with stories about our disrupted society, personal wins, and losses. Since he lives and dies by music, Jimi Tents only creates songs that are timeless.

Really, it’s the type of sound that one can backtrack to during any stage in their life. Along with this, Jimi paves the way for hopeless souls to find the light in every tunnel. But he’s really just pursuing what he needs to. Like emotions, he switches with every release. The science behind his sound derives from Brooklyn’s huge melting pot.


Jay Gwuapo is the one who gets the spot hot. When he isn’t on his burner keeping tabs on clout chasers, he prides himself in living a luxurious life. But it hasn’t changed him much. Jay only stays out of pocket only when Mr. Wise Guy gets brave.

For the most part, his sound derives from a love for hip-hop and auto-tune. Although he’s fairly new, it seems like he’s got the trap sound down pat. If he continues to stay in his bag, Jay Gwuapo’s streams are bound to multiply.


Cyrese never takes a loss. His “go hard or go home” mentality comes from his hometown Bedstuy (Brooklyn) New York. Even on one of his Instagram post, he says “I’m the best ever. I’m the most brutal, vicious and ruthless champion there’s ever been. No one can stop me.”

However, Cyrese’s tone doesn’t come off as too aggressive. In fact, he’s a good guy who’s just “G-living.” Resonate to his charm, Cyrese fluctuates between bedroom music and contemporary rap.

Some would even go so far as to say that he’s the next PARTYNEXTDOOR. Still, Cyrese differentiates himself due to his rapid floetry and faint vocal runs. Notable tracks like “Chance” and “Rolling Stone” prove that Cyrese is finessing for the long haul.


LEIKELI47 is a bonafide, independent messenger who just so happens to be masked up like a Mexican wrestler. Behind the conceal she is more reserved. But with it on, she feels more carefree.

The reason LEIKELI47 chooses to cover up is that she anonymously demands others to wake up and hear the damn music. After gaining traction from Jay-Z on her song, “F*ck the Summer Up” LEIKELI47 has been breaking the scale.

Fast forward and LEIKELI47 is still on her grind and hustle. Notable tracks like “Money” have had people compare her to a futuristic Missy Elliott but that’s far from her focus. Leikeli47 just wants to push individuality with one “little superhero cape” at a time.


Creating a play on words with his moniker, KWOAT purposely adds quotes at the beginning of every track so listeners can understand its deeper meaning.

Ultimately he creates a vibe for all occasions but instead of using one musical influence, KWOAT experiments with others all while keeping up his high-end energy. It’s safe to say that KWOAT is the voice for all millennials.

He’s not afraid to speak without being spoken to and his shift between golden lyricism and new school auto-tune proves that we were born in the right era.


Full of class and a whole bunch of sass — Bee Nova is a “real round the way MC who can slow flow these dudes to the death.” By nature, her sensuality pours over every track but she doesn’t necessarily oversexualize herself for attention. Moreso its to show others her confidence.

Her message is that of regality. Aside from this, Bee Nova comes with an out-of-pocket cadence and many bold statements. Like a stellar explosion, she’s going to blow. Just look for the brightest star in the rapsphere.

Pop Smoke

Popsmoke’s raspy and grimy sound already has people calling themselves a thot, getting lit, shooting pretend bullets out of a gun-shaped hand, and doing the most. It might be the way he, somehow, ties together West Indian influences and a BK aura over the hard-hitting beats of UK’s drill producer 808Melo.

Tracks like “Hawk Em” has people wilin’ and heads knocking as random beat pops vibrate through everyone’s body. Follow the Canarsie rapper as he continues to break necks and keeps bodies moving as he lets everyone know that the Woo has arrived.

Gosha Guppy

Gosha Guppy is on another planet for sure. In his otherworldly rhymes, Gosha Guppy still finds leeway to keep it real and sucker-punch those who go over the line. However, his music doesn’t necessarily focus on the cops and robbers like “A Beautiful Day to Get Robbed” would suggest.

Often times, Gosha Guppy speaks on his altered state of mind while on drugs and the pit of depression. After creating buzz off his 2016 single “Hit My Line” the sky has been his only limit. Honestly speaking, Gosha Guppy is just bringing awareness of the highs and lows that our generation faces.

Check out our Straight Outta Brooklyn playlist below