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Meet HDBeenDope: The Brooklyn artist getting big bands

Around the clock, Brooklyn-native HDBeenDope keeps a “Bands 2” mood and squares all his dollars because they’re past due.

The visual for his newest freestyle, “Bands 2,” see HDBeenDope in different takes, which he co-directed. After the smoke clears, HDBeenDope goes off with reasoning about his decision to stay ten toes down and invest.

Throughout the music video, HDBeenDope aims for the head in a spacious room, red-tinted rooms that bring out his shadow, and blue-tinted rooms with drapes.

The artist also takes a jab at his enigmatic demeanor by shooting one scene with a kaleidoscope-inspired lens. Needless to say, “Bands 2” might make you dig deep into your pockets and wonder if you’re spending wisely.

HDBeenDope is, by far, the most outspoken rapper of this generation.

Behind tying his signature “yah” before the rhymes commence, lyrical ferocity, punchlines, and clever hooks with 10-on-10 energy, the young rapper reflects on what he’s seen and heard throughout the years.


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Themes also consist of overcoming obstacles, telling haters off, getting to the bag, optimism, and moving ahead. Listeners will also come to know that they share some common ground with the creative multi-hyphenate.

If you’re curious, listen to his song “20K,” which has received 100K streams in one month. On “20K.” he juggles the thought of being broke and rising to the top.

HDBeenDope’s career jumped exponentially after dropping his latest project, Pheace Be The Journey. In 2017, HDBeenDope joined Portugal.The Man for his “North America” tour.

Aside from rapping, HDBeenDope writes, produces, records, mixes, and masters all of his music. He also directs, produces and edits all of his music videos.

Notable mentions include “Byrd” (2M views), “Rev Run” (350K views), and “Cayman” (68K views). On streaming services, HDBeenDope has compiled over a million streams.

Referencing back to “Bands 2,” HDBeenDope explores the mentality of young ballers with terrible spending habits.

For instance, HDBeenDope raps through one verse, ”A lot of you copping designer and flexing it cost you an arm and thigh/Save all your dollars/You are not drippin my brother your plumbing is fine.”

Instead of blowing money fast, he raises his level of broke by laying the groundwork. Sonically, “Bands 2” takes influence from drill music.


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The sound palette is backed up by a booming 808 and a repetitive, eerie bell recording. Likewise, the versatile rapper uses a commanding and unstoppable delivery to show that he means business. The energy remains at an all-time high from start to end.

Generally speaking, HDBeenDope stays lowkey, focusing on what’s at hand. Others, however, boast excessively and lose their money in one sitting.

These individuals go so far as to doubt his prominence, only basing it off of his drip. But that presumption doesn’t last long.

For “Bands 2” the whole theme of HDBeenDope’s project stems from the idea of living in-between the duality of starting to feel like you’ve made it, while still being broke.

Still, he’s shutting down concerts across the globe.


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If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the up and coming artist’s new video “Bands 2.”