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Baddie on the street: How New Yorkers really feel about male rompers

You already know how I feel about these male rompers, but we hit the streets of New York to get the people of the city’s opinions on how they really feel about the matter.

Our resident baddie Jenziino (and this kid named Eddie) hit up the Big Apple BBQ fest at Madison Square Park recently to do some investigating into what ladies, dudes, and couples really think about the rompers for guys.

It was a hot ass day and people were eating mad ribs, but we got some pretty interesting responses as to the people’s opinions on the trend.

Pretty much everyone, especially the women, are all with it. As for the dudes, not many really seem to mind it but wouldn’t be caught dead in it even if a respected rapper like Kendrick Lamar wore a denim one with some Timbs.

It is summer time and you do want to be as comfortable as possible but are these outfits really the solution? The only real answer is who gives a fuck.

It turns out no matter what I think about this male romper shit, most women really respect a man who has the confidence to rock one and would probably let them scratch.

Others don’t think it’s masculine enough, while we all know the main reason dudes aren’t trying to rock one is because they realistically not tryna get roasted by their boys.

Look, we know there’s some shit on the camera but that’s not the point. Peep the video above and maybe you’ll think about male rompers a little differently. Or nah.