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Are Baby Yoda memes the best thing to hit NYC culture? We investigate

Baby Yoda appears on The Mandalorian the Disney Plus Star Wars series. In his first episode, the character immediately captured the love and awe of both Star Wars die-hard fans and overall social media users.

So the memes got really good.

The mysterious creature is reminiscent of the beloved wise Jedi Yoda, but “The Mandalorian” has yet to reveal a backstory. Several theories about who baby Yoda is have been circulating with some believing that Baby Yoda maybe Yoda himself reincarnated.

Due to the lack of knowledge we know about the Yoda species, it’s also possible that Baby Yoda is the child of Yoda and Yaddle (a female Yoda creature in the Star Wars universe). Other theories claim Baby Yoda (whose name we actually don’t know yet) is a clone.

As the Mandalorian series continues and the upcoming Star Wars film “The Rise of Skywalker” approaches, fans will continue to look for any clues to Baby Yoda’s origin, the Yoda species’ history, and force-sensitive power.

But for now, whatever his origin, Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm with people using his cute antics and scenes as memes. But what really took Baby Yoda to the next level was his transformation into #BabyYerrrda.


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Baby Yoda gearing up to visit his ppls in NYC. (Made by me and @naomiotsu) #BabyYoda #BabyYerrrda

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Baby Yerrrda was originally created by Naomi Otsu a Graphic designer and illustrator. She decided to dress up Baby Yoda like a talent scout, creative, filmmaker, and loyal NYC local rep Nicholas Heller.

NYC memes have always been an internet favorite. And as such Baby Yerrrda took the online world by storm.

The edits inspired others to make their own versions of Baby Yerrrda and Baby Yoda.

Baby Yodito was also born out of the viral Star Wars creature.

Others have taken to editing scenes with Baby Yoda to fit their preferences.

Whatever your fave Baby Yoda meme is, one thing is certain he’s definitely going to be a fan favorite Star Wars character.