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Cam Kirk

Cam Kirk drops gems for creative entrepreneurs in ATL

ATL-based visionary Cam Kirk is more than a photographer, he’s an entrepreneur, and for our Finally Focused NY to LA bonus episode he dished out, more than enough, gems for aspiring creatives.

Constantly moving forward the ATL-based photographer sets new goals for himself, outperforming his last advancing step.

“I get offended when people say I made it… Don’t put any finish line on my career. I have not made it. I’ve got so much further, I can go… Once you do achieve your goals, if you’re not quick to set a new one, you can get very complacent.”

Cam Kirk, Photographer, Cam Kirk Studios Founder

Embarking on a very lonely path, that most creatives can relate to, he took adversity by the horns. Going against the grain, he spoke his studio into existence.

“Being finally focused is critical to my success because it’s the only way I got here. There are tweets about me sitting in my own studio one day…”

Cam Kirk, Photographer, Cam Kirk Studios Founder

The move towards taking his work into a physical space with his photography studio would inspire a hot spring of culture in a city deemed as a hip-hop epicenter.

Inspired by veteran photographers and collectives like Johnathan Manion and The Motion Family, he would look to a space in need of a Black leader. And, of course, he would do much more than inspire.

Cam Kirk would push ATL’s creativity to a new level.

“As a creative and as an entrepreneur this road can feel very lonely. It can feel like everything you’re up against feels like ‘me against the world’. It’s like you’re the only one doing this. Which is not facts,” said the visionary in our Finally Focused bonus episode.

He continued to touch on the inspiration behind the photography studio:

“There are other dreamchasers. I wanted to create an environment where you saw that, where that was obvious… We knocked the walls down and opened it up.”

Cam Kirk, Photographer, Cam Kirk Studios Founder

Going in 25/8 the ATL-based photographer has worked with our favorite rappers from Gucci Mane to the late King Von and now has his own series, in partnership with Facebook, titled Behind the Cam.

Averaging 500 bookings a month at his co-working photography studio and a partnership with Facebook, it’s hard not to acknowledge that he is the business.

Still, for him, he’s only 25 percent through his journey and when it comes to his legacy he’s on his way to leaving a lasting imprint on the culture.

“I want to be recognized globally. I’m trying to inspire photographers, creatives, entrepreneurs, individuals around the world. I want to make sure the legacy I leave behind […] is a physical legacy.”

Cam Kirk, Photographer, Cam Kirk Studios Founder

Watch the entire season of Finally Focused below and stay inspired.